13 Fishing Profile


13 Fishing is one of the fastest growing brands in the fishing industry today. With a relentless drive to innovate and push the limits of design, engineering and materials, this young company makes high performance rods, reels, baits and other angling gear for those unwilling to compromise on and off the water. Using modern, quality equipment leaves nothing to chance; hence, their slogan to “Make your own luck!”. Read on to learn more about this award-winning brand and why you deserve to fish with their products.



Innovators From The Start

13 Fishing’s roots begin in the ice fishing market, and its Tickle Stick release in 2014 sent shockwaves through the fishing industry and quickly won over legions of anglers. This event in 13 Fishing’s history is as good a place as any to begin showcasing the brand’s innovation.


At a time when it seemed every ice rod company relied on spring bobbers for adding sensitivity to ultra-light and light rods, 13 Fishing bucked the trend by developing Flat Tip Blank Technology. This construction process orients the rod blank’s composite fibres linearly, giving Tickle Stick rods a flat (not round) tip that delivers off-the-charts sensitivity for detecting ascending and descending strikes. Suddenly, spring bobbers started looking out of date.


In addition to being sensitive, Flat Tip Blanks are very efficient, powerful and extremely durable. The latest generation of Tickle Sticks, along with several Widow Maker rods, feature Flat Tip Technology and are some of 13 Fishing’s best sellers. Most ice anglers generically call flat tip rods “Tickle Sticks” regardless of the brand or actual product name. Kind of like how you call a paper tissue Kleenex or ice pops Popsicles. That goes to show the impact 13 Fishing has on the angling scene today.



Cutting-Edge Concepts Continue

13 Fishing quickly impressed open-water anglers as it began making rods, reels and lures for bass, walleye, trout and panfish, to name a few. The evolution of the Concept Z baitcaster highlights the brand’s emphasis on product design, engineering and material innovations.


Instead of following tradition and making a reel with steel bearings, which have the misfortune of breaking down over time, 13 Fishing built the Concept Z using high-tech polymer Concept Zero Bearings (CZB). The “no bearings” idea wasn’t new, but 13 Fishing elevated the concept with its 2017 unveiling of the high-performance CZB, which deliver ongoing peak performance because they don’t corrode.


It gets better... In 2020, the Gen II Concept Z SLD baitcaster arrived. Still built with CZB Bearing Technology, 13 Fishing upped the ante with its modern Slide magnetic cast control system. Perfectly positioned for quick adjustments with a mere thumb flick, the Slide system makes it easy to fine-tune casting control. For example, an angler can make a cast downwind and retrieve the bait, then flick the Slide while swinging the rod back before bombing out another flawless cast, but this time doing so upwind with no backlashes. Other advanced features include the Arrowhead Line Guide, 20-pound Advanced Polymer Drag System and Beetle Wing Rapid Access Side Plate.



Value-Driven Quality & Performance

While the Tickle Stick and Concept Z SLD give insights into how 13 Fishing’s innovations have catapulted it to be one of the fastest growing brands in the fishing industry, there’s more to the story. The company also prides itself on offering anglers a selection of high-performance reel and rod products suitable for a range of budgets. For instance, the Origin O1 baitcaster at $94.99 delivers incredible value and is chock-full of technologies and components typically seen in higher priced items. Likewise, for the popular Blackout ($94.99) and Omen Black Gen III ($154.99+) rod series.




Form, fit and function are important product priorities for 13 Fishing. This is seen plain as day in the sleek, modern “13 Fish” logo and across the various product lines, including the latest rod releases.


The new Envy Black bass rods, Omen Gold walleye-smallmouth crossover series and Omen panfish-trout rods feature perfectly tuned tapers for either technique-specific or all-purpose applications. Rods also feature Evolve components, premium Japanese EVA and Portuguese cork, and other high-end materials for uncompromising performance, all-day angler comfort and 13 Fishing’s trademark slick, modern styling.


No detail is too small either. For example, 13 Fishing’s truly Snagless Evolve Hook Keeper is designed to do its job and secure a bait, but also eliminates any chances of keeper-related line tangles that would compromise rod performance.



Legit Fish-Catching Baits

13 Fishing’s goal to deliver high-performance, innovative products is also easily seen in their bait collection. Nowhere is this more true than their freshwater hybrid bait lineup.


Take the unique Jabber Jaw and Jabber Jaw Deep crankbaits, products the brand describes “as unclassifiable as anything we’ve ever created”. Jabber Jaws have a chattering bill that bangs side to side inside full-metal jowls. The result is a roaring resonance unlike anything on the market that catches a heck of a lot of fish.


The Motor Boat Hybrid Prop Bait is another example of 13 Fishing breaking the mold. Motor Boats combine the action of buzz style lures with the ability to fish through any kind of heavy cover thanks to its durable, TPE soft plastic body that’s embedded with a VMC wide gap, heavy gauge hook. Again, details matter. The Evolve custom blade’s internal swivel prevents foul-ups from slime and weeds, a common shortcoming with traditional buzzing blades.



The above profile lists only a few of 13 Fishing’s unique, performance-driven products made for uncompromising, hardcore anglers. This season, gear up with 13 Fishing, get on the water and make your own luck!