Open-Water Fisherman’s Gift Guide 2021


If you’re seeking gift-giving inspiration for an angler on your shopping list, look no further. The following rundown of new and best-selling lures, tackle, tools, accessories, rods, reels and apparel from Rapala and Rapala Respected Brands is filled with plenty of fishing gift ideas sure to please.


Lures They’ll Love

Anglers are never disappointed to get new lures. Here are several gift-worthy baits.


Can’t-Miss Crankbaits For Bass



The NEW Rapala OG Slim 6 ($15.49) flat-sided, balsa crankbait is the hottest lure on the market. Meticulously designed by professional angler, Ott DeFoe, the OG Slim has a medium wobble, tight, side-to-side action and a 6 foot running depth perfect for shallow cranking.



The 13 Fishing Gordito ($8.99) is a rattling, long-casting, tough little customer. Built to easily deflect off cover, this crank is great for covering water and getting a reaction from big bass.



The 13 Fishing Jabber Jaw ($12.99) is another winner. Inside the lure’s metal jowl sits a chattering bill, which bangs back and forth during the retrieve. This, in turn, produces a roaring resonance that stimulates bass to strike.



No bass angler should be without a collection of DT Series crankbaits ($12.99+). The five models run at depths of 4, 6, 10, 14 and 16 feet with reliable precision and are now available in several new colours.


More Bass Picks



NEW Terminator Pro Series Spinnerbaits ($11.49) produce strong vibrations and plenty of flash to call-in fish. These spinnerbaits feature pro-inspired colour and blade combinations, hand-tied skirts and premium VMC hooks.



The Popping Frog ($17.99) and Walking Frog ($17.99) are fantastic at catching bass lurking beneath slop and grass mats. Massive blow-ups and big bass guaranteed.



In open-water, walk-the-dog topwaters are tough to beat for bass. The Skitter V ($16.49+) is a great choice and now comes in a 5-1/4” version and a Pure Chrome finish. Also good are the X-Rap Prop ($18.99) and Skitter Prop ($15.99), which gurgle and splash across the surface.


Winners For Walleye



The NEW Jigging Shadow Rap ($10.49) has a broad profile and internal metallic finishes for a seductive belly-flashing action, making it a stellar choice for vertical jigging and cast-retrieve techniques.



The enticing, sweeping tail action and compact body of the Shad Dancer ($13.49) have been the undoing of thousands of walleye over the years. These productive crankbaits now come in more colour options and a size 7 (2-3/4”) version that dives to 14 feet.



When it comes to walleye, it’s okay to be a little scatter-brained. Well, as long as we’re talking about lures featuring the Scatter Lip. This distinctive bill gives baits an evasive, erratic action walleye can’t resist and is why the Scatter Rap Tail Dancer ($16.49), Scatter Rap Minnow ($15.49), Scatter Rap Deep Husky Jerk ($11.99) and Scatter Rap Shad ($10.49) consistently put fish in the net.



Designed with an integrated swivel-to-hook system, the SpinDrift Spinner Rig ($6.99) delivers an alluring corkscrew, spinning action, even at ultra-slow trolling speeds. All that’s needed is a juicy worm on the hook and walleye catches will quickly follow.


Pike And Muskie Options



The Super Shadow Rap ($21.99+) features highly detailed, life-like finishes and durable construction. A rod snap sends the Super Shadow Rap darting to the side before fading away and slowly sinking like a dying baitfish - a spellbinding sight that triggers big predators to attack.



The X-Rap Otus ($22.99+) is a hybrid bait that’s half X-Rap construction and half soft-plastic curl tail. This slow sinker checks all the boxes for getting bites in cold water or on tough, heavily pressured waterbodies.



Another great predator bait is the X-Rap Haku ($33.99). This subsurface glider has a natural swimming action. Even better, the Haku’s 3R Release Rig System helps keep big fish hooked and dramatically increases landing percentages.


Salmon And Trout Treats

Consistently best-sellers and the undoing of big salmon and trout, the wide-action of Luhr-Jensen’s Kwikfish crankbaits ($9.99+) are a can’t-miss gift for anglers plying tributaries in the Pacific Northwest and the Great Lakes.



The Coyote Cyclone Flasher ($25.99+) is a troller’s dream for catching salmon and trout. Its wide, rolling elliptical pattern creates flash while enhancing the presentation’s action. Unique to this flasher, is its centre “Cyclone” blade, which spins independently for added vibration and flash. Great when combined with a Jensen Flash Fly ($10.99).


Multi-Species Baits



Inlines spinners catch all kinds of fish and are perfect for beginners. The BlueFox Classic Vibrax ($6.49+) is a top performer and now comes in attention-getting Northern Lights colours.



Another reliable inline spinner is the long-casting Super Minnow Vibrax ($8.99), which easily catches trout, bass and panfish.



The natural swimming action and profiles of the pre-rigged Storm 360GT Searchbait ($7.49+) and Searchbait Shad ($8.49+) catch all kinds of fish, making them perfect for anglers of any skill level.



The rattling Rippin’ Rap ($11.49+) is another catch-‘em-all bait designed for cranking, swimming and ripping. Featuring a deep belly profile, Rippin’ Raps comes in three proven sizes and an array of colours, including several new unique, custom finishes.



Walleye, pike and bass lurking in deep water can’t hide from the 14 Down Deep Husky Jerk ($13.49). This suspending, 5-1/2” jerkbait easily reaches 20+ feet and is available in several NEW custom colours.



Part bladebait with a metal frame, part rattling, lipless crankbait with a plastic body, the Rap-V ($14.99) is a unique, versatile lure in a category all its own. Whether fished vertically or horizontally, the Rap-V consistently fools bass, walleye and northern pike.



The CountDown Elite ($17.99) ups the ante of the original CountDown. The revamped version features modern construction for improved castability and accuracy, along with exceptional colour patterns combining metallic plating, HD printing and new designs. Unchanged is the legendary controlled slow-sinking method, alluring Rapala wobble and fluttering falling action.


Jigs, Hooks And Terminal Tackle Gift Ideas



Neon Moon Eye Jigs ($3.79+) are longtime fan favourites. Their Aspirin-shaped heads deliver excellent control, feature 3-D holographic eyes that evoke a feeding response and come in 1/32- to 1-ounce sizes.


Hybrid Swimbait Jig


The 3/16- to 1/2-ounce Hybrid Swimbait Jig ($6.49) is the ultimate finesse swimbait jig for bass and walleye. Its wide screw keeper strongly secures Largo Shads ($7.99), Churros ($8.49) and Pleasure Shads ($8.49) and its wider, hybrid hook gap is all business.



Twitchin’ Jigs ($6.49) are perfect for jigging, swimming, twitching and popping. Crafted initially for Pacific Northwest techniques, Twitchin’ Jigs catch salmon, trout and steelhead, giant bass and walleye everywhere.



Sleek Jigs ($9.49+) have a tear drop head design for improved stability, balance and control. The hook’s technical locking curve keeps fish pinned. A worthy addition to any jig box.



Tungsten Tear Drop Weights ($10.49) have a 35% smaller profile than lead weights and that means fewer snags. Round out the gift package by including some SureSet Drop Shot Hooks ($6.49), specifically designed for the technique.



Heavy Duty Weighted Willow Swimbait Hooks ($11.99+) shine for power-fishing scenarios and allow rigging of Pleasure Shads and other large swimbaits. The willow spinner blade delivers added vibration and flash, helping it stand out from the crowd.


Fishing Line Is Always A Hit



Advance Monofilament ($15.99+) is less stretchy than a traditional mono line and fishes more like a braid. It also has low memory, excellent knot strength and superior abrasion resistance. This reliable line is a favourite among anglers of all skill levels and is now available in high-vis Neon Lime.



ProMix Braid ($18.99) is an affordable, dependable, premium line. Low-stretch, ProMix delivers incredible lure control, excellent bite detection and instant power transfer for solid hook-sets. Colourfast injection process keeps ProMix’s lo-vis green looking new for twice as long as other braids on the market.


131 Braid


Give your favourite angler a spool of new 131 Braid($59.99) and they will be blown away. This 12 carrier braided line has a single GORE fibre running through its core, which ensures optimal roundness and improved internal strength. Knot-strength, casting distance, abrasion resistance and overall performance are also excellent.


Filleting Gifts

The Fillet Glove ($27.99) is made of Tuff-Knit™ yarn (a blend of natural and synthetic fibres with stainless steel), which delivers reliable protection against slicing injury during filleting. Available in three sizes.



The best-selling Fish ’n Fillet Superflex Knife ($32.99) makes a great gift. Featuring an extra thin, Superflex blade and a comfortable birch handle, this knife is a pleasure to use and makes fillets fall away effortlessly.



The Heavy Duty Electric Fillet Knife ($104.99) outperforms the competition, delivering twice the blade speed and three times more power than standard electric fillet knives. Built to last, this premium knife will deliver years of dependable service.


Tools And Accessories



No matter the angling adventure, Fisherman’s Pliers ($16.99+) are a necessity for removing hooks. But that’s not all, these pliers also feature a Split shot crimper, Rapala lure tuning tool and light duty side cutters.


Mini Split Ring Pliers ($19.99) make it easy to change out or replace hooks on lures. An essential tool for all anglers.



If your favourite bass angler loves wacky and Neko rigging, they’ll love the VMC Crossover Pliers ($21.99) and Crossover Rings ($7.49). The pliers make it easy to add a Crossover Ring on a soft-plastic worm or stickbait, like a Bubble Butt ($8.49) or Blunt Force Finesse ($8.49) stick baits. Once on, the Ring’s dual-channel can hold the hook in either a vertical or horizontal position and simultaneously extends the lifespan of soft-plastics.



The Retractable Lanyard ($24.99) keeps pliers, line cutters and other accessories organized and within reach. It has a quick-release clip, split ring tool attachment and strong retractor mechanism.


13 Fishing Rods And Reels



Fate Black Rods ($99.99) have been upgraded. Lighter than ever, they feature an improved overall feel and come in custom-tuned tapers.


Fate V3


NEW Fate V3 ($124.99) casting rods are versatile, light and sensitive. Soft, carbon grip ensures excellent vibration transfer and all-day fishing comfort.



Omen Black Gen III Rods ($154.95) pack incredible performance and quality components into the latest version of this best-selling series. Omen Black rods come in lengths, actions and powers to cover a wide range of techniques.



The Concept Z Slide ($419.95) is the ultimate low-profile casting reel. Its innovative Slide cast control system allows for easy, on-the-fly tension adjustments and flawless casting performance.


The Concept A2 Gen II ($274.95) casting reel is dependable, comfortable to palm and built with precision brass gearing, low-friction, braking system and other quality components.



Help the anglers on your list keep their casting reels in top conditions with the Skull Cap Casting Reel Cover ($11.49). Made of durable, high-impact rubber, the cover snaps over a casting reel, protecting it from dings, dirt and grime.


Performance-Driven Fishing Apparel


Flexfit Classic Mesh Back Caps or Vertical Caps ($29.99) make great gifts. These caps are comfortable, stylish and decorated with the legendary Rapala logo.



We’ve said it before, but it’s hard to go wrong giving an angler a hoody. The 13 Fishing Modern Tuxedo ($79.99) has a full fleece interior, roomy fit and kangaroo front pouch.



Any angler will appreciate getting a set of Rapala’s new, high quality rain gear. The Pro Rain Jacket ($329.99) and Bibs ($329.99) are the ultimate in outerwear. These feature-loaded, waterproof garments deliver 3-layer construction, a strong, nylon ripstop shell and plenty of comfort features ready to do battle in nasty weather.



The Rapala Rain Jacket ($249.99) and Bibs ($249.99) are crafted with advanced, waterproof and breathable components for uncompromising performance in wet, windy conditions.


The above items, along with hundreds of other great fishing lures and other gear, are available at