Awesome Ice-Fishing Rods To Elevate Your Game


Quality Ice Rods Matter - A Look At 13 Fishing’s Widow Maker Series

Whether you’re quivering a light jig for panfish, aggressively snapping a spoon for supercharged lake trout or deadsticking a minnow for walleye, using the right ice-fishing rod is critical. Enter 13 Fishing’s revamped Widow Maker Series, a high-performance, 14-rod lineup made for a wide range of ice-fishing scenarios.


Series Overview

Widow Maker rods feature premium rod blanks, precisely positioned ALPS thin-wire, double diamond-coated guides for smooth line performance and ergonomic handles with high-density EVA grips. These materials, combined with 13 Fishing’s rod-building innovations, make Widow Makers exceptionally light, sensitive, responsive, strong and comfortable to use. Perfectly balanced with an awesome aesthetic, Widow Makers outperform many custom rods selling for double the price. Below are the 14 models available.


Widow Maker Noodle Rod

If you’re serious about hard-water panfishing and prefer a long rod, the 32” Widow Maker ultra-light noodle rod is a must-have for finesse tactics. A precision instrument, the Noodle excels at subtle-to-moderate presentations with tungsten and lead jigs or small VMC spoons on light line. It also doubles as a panfish deadsticking rod.



The Widow Maker Noodle is made with a 36-ton solid graphite blank and high-vis tip. This gives it incredible sensitivity and exceptional visual strike detection for both “down” and “up” bites, even when facing the lightest of pecks from panfish.


Its ultra-sensitive tip also enhances jigging. The faintest tip quiver imparts a subtle, natural action panfish can’t resist.


The Noodle’s length, power and action work in concert to deliver incredible cushioning and control. These are important characteristics for keeping trophy panfish hooked and getting it on the ice.


The Widow Maker Noodle, along with the other Tennessee Handle models (below), come with four of 13 Fishing’s Reel Anchor Rod Wraps. These innovative, lightweight bands require no tools to install and provide a low-profile, secure hold of the reel to the high-density EVA handle.


Tennessee Handle Flat Tip Models

The four Tennessee Handle Widow Maker Flat Tip rods come in 27” and 29”, giving anglers more options for light line presentations requiring superior sensitivity and visual strike detection. These models are made using 13 Fishing’s PC2 (Parallel Composite Construction), which gives them an ultra-sensitive, soft flat tip. Clad in high-vis green paint, the tip of these rods significantly increases an angler’s ability to detect ascending and descending strikes.



PC2 blanks are also very rugged and strong. These rods won’t roll over under load like a traditional round blank. This makes Flat Tip rods very versatile. While extremely sensitive and suitable for light line applications, they also provide the power needed for perfect hook-sets and unparalleled fish-fighting control. Here’s a quick look at the models.


The 27” super-ultra-light is made for extreme finesse tactics with the thinnest ice lines and lightest ice jigs. This rod easily detects the subtlest peck from fussy bluegills, crappie and other species.


The 27” ultra-light is a fantastic all-round finesse panfish rod for fishing VMC tungsten jigs and ice flies, lead teardrop jigs and other downsized offerings up to around 16-ounces.


The 27” light balances well with 1/16- to 3/16-ounce jigs as well as small lures, such as Ultra Light Rippin’ Raps, Jigging Shad Raps and VMC Spoons. A phenomenal panfish rod, PC2 technology gives it enough backbone to wrestle walleye and whitefish topside.


The 29” medium-light shines at finessing walleye and whitefish (plus, trophy perch and crappie) using light line and lures starting around 1/8 ounces.


Tennessee Handle Models

Ranging from a 24” ultra-light to a 28” medium, the five Widow Maker Tennessee Handle rods feature a 36-ton, solid Toray graphite blank and a traditional, round tip design. Compared to Flat Tip rods, these models feature crisper, more responsive tips. These rods are ideal when panfish, walleye and whitefish are attracted and triggered by quick, erratic jigging movements with lures, such as Jigging Raps, Slab Raps, Rippin’ Raps and VMC Spoons. Yet, they’re also versatile enough for moderate to light cadences with a jig and minnow.



The 28” medium is a classic walleye and whitefish jigging stick. Equally suited for jigging inside an ice shack or outside and exposed to the elements, this rod easily handles 1/4- to 5/16-ounce baits.


The 26” medium-light and 27” light models can be used for finessing walleye and whitefish, plus targeting jumbo perch and slab crappie. The 24” or 27” ultra-lights are especially panfish-oriented.


Evolve Soft Touch Engaged Reel Seat Models

The 32” medium and 34” medium-heavy Widow Makers are designed for taming big walleye, lake trout, northern pike and other predators. Featuring high-quality, 36-ton graphite blanks, these longer, more powerful rods come with ergonomic, Evolve Soft Touch Engaged Reel Seats for all-day comfort. The Evolve seat’s screw-tight design snuggly secures the reel because equipment failure is not an option for ice warriors pursing big, strong predators.



Deadstick Models

Anglers searching for a quality, minnow-soaking rod need look no further than the Widow Maker 32” medium-light and 28” medium Deadstick models. These technique-specific models feature a high-performance, composite blank and a Evolve Soft-Touch Engaged Reel Seat. They also have an extended Deadstick Handle for easy use with various rod holder configurations as well as when resting the rod across a 5-gallon bucket.



Made with PC2 Flat Tip Blank Technology, Deadstick models have high-vis, ultra-sensitive tips that bends easily when a fish bites, which also serves as a visual cue of the strike. As with all Flat Tip blanks, these models have precise power and action configurations for delivering quality hook sets and confidently landing walleye, whitefish, portly perch, big crappie and any other species eager to eat a minnow or other live-bait offering.


Complete The Combo

A quality reel is as important of an investment as a premium rod. Here, we direct you to the reliable, ice-fishing specific BlackBetty Freefall inline reels for panfish and the Freefall XL for larger species. Those preferring spinning reels will find all they need in the Kalon Series.




Be sure to buy some fresh line, too. Sufix Advance Ice Monofilament, InvisiLine Ice Fluorocarbon and 832 Advanced Ice Braid are all excellent choices and designed to perform in sub-zero conditions.


Made with premium materials and components, Widow Makers deliver the precision and durability discerning ice anglers demand. Lightweight, balanced and sensitive, these rods provide an action-packed battle every time you set the hook. Get some Widow Maker rods and elevate your ice-fishing game this season!