Ice Angling Accessories


Ice fishing accessories are as important for a fun, fish-filled day as a quality auger, portable sonar and tried-and-true lures. Here are several angling accessories worth owning for the hard-water season.


Thermal Tip-Up

The Thermal Tip-Up is insulated, round and covers holes up to 10”, preventing freezing - and that means its bright, orange flag flies every time a fish bites. Light and heavy settings give the flexibility for a variety of set-line rigs for walleye, northern pike, trout and more.


The Thermal Tip-Up is easy to transport. It has a space-saving, stackable design and fits in most 5-gallon or larger buckets. Built-in tackle storage and flag mini glow-stick holder are other highlights.


Glow Ruler Tip-Up

The Glow Ruler Tip-Up fits over holes up to 10” and is constructed with durable, lightweight materials. It has a glowing ruler scale on its side and a high-vis flag.


Its large capacity spool means more and/or heavier line can be used, making it a great choice for deep water and northern pike, lake trout and other big fish that make long runs.


The Glow Ruler Tip-Up folds-up into a compact package for transport. Foam hook storage and a semi-circular spool cover prevent line tangles.


Tip: Use Sufix Performance V-Coat Tip-Up line that features a hydro fusion process for a fast sinking, low memory line that makes it exceptional for cold-weather handling.


Bucket Add-Ons

The Bucket Rod Holder easily slides on most buckets and can be set in two positions. The 45-degree setting is recommended for dead-sticking and general rod-holding needs while fishing. The upright position is popular for holding rods during travel.

The Swivel Bucket Seat is another useful add-on. Fitting on most 5-gallon buckets, its well cushioned for increased comfort and won’t crack in the cold.


Ice Combo Locker

Protect rod combos from damage and the elements with the Ice Combo Locker, a padded, soft-sided rod bag. The internal pocket is perfect for storing small jig boxes and other accessories. Lockers are available in three sizes.


Reel Anchor Wraps

Small but mighty, Reel Anchor Wraps provide a reliable way to secure a reel to an ice rod without a reel seat. Unlike electrical tape, which some anglers use, Reel Anchor Wraps are specifically designed for the task, super strong and made for extreme cold. Wraps also go on without the aid of any tools, unlike many products on the market. Available in Fire Red, Neon Green, White Ice, Black Ice and Neon Orange, along with assorted colour multipacks.


Winter Boot Sport Grippers

Winter Boot Sport Grippers slip over footwear for a safe, simple way to increase traction on icy surfaces. They may not be the sexiest ice-fishing item, but these galvanized-studded Grippers are worth their weight in gold on slippery ice.



The 24” Folding Ruler and 60” Magnum Ruler make measuring fish quick and easy. Nose a fish against the fold-up end for accuracy, then reference the tip of the tail in relation to the large, easy-to-read numbers. Rulers fold down for compact storage.


Mega Scoop

Clearing ice holes is a breeze with the Mega Scoop’s massive, slush-swallowing basket. No need to kneel or bend over either thanks to its long, 34” handle. Durable construction, adjustable wrist lanyard and 30” handle ruler are other highlights.


Performance 3 Piece Shovel

The Performance 3 PC Shovel is designed for ice anglers and made of lightweight, durable aluminum. Its telescopic design ensures compact storage and no-fuss transport. Definitely, a better choice than a plastic shovel.


Sportsman’s 30 Chair Pack

Chair Pack anyone? The Sportsman’s 30 Chair Pack is a roomy backpack also featuring an integrated, padded stool. There’s ample room for organizing gear in the main compartment, large front and side pockets, inner organizers and insulated thermos sleeve. A waterproof bottom, ergonomic shoulder straps, durable nylon and non-corrosive zippers are other highlights of this year-round performer.


Lure Boxes

The small and medium Jig Boxes and Utility Boxes give anglers plenty of options for organizing spoons, ice jigs, soft-plastics and other baits. Boxes feature four-sided tackle storage to maximize space, slotted and ribbed foam, easy-open clear lid compartments, compression clips and waterproof seal.


The Jigging Rap Ice Box is another excellent tackle tamer built specifically for size 3 to 9 Jigging Raps. This pocket-sized box is durable and has a clear, easy open/close lid for quick bait selection.


Pliers And Cutters

Fan favourites since their release, the Mag Spring Pliers have soft-touch handles, an off-set design and a patent-pending spring system that keeps pliers open and ready. This fantastic tool is as useful on the ice as during the open-water season.


Panfish anglers love the Stainless Steel Fishing Forceps. Pinch these on a jacket or a pant pocket flap, lock-down the handle and the tool’s within reach at all times.


The Fishing Clipper & Lanyard and Pinch Tool With Combo Light & Lanyard are other compact, handy accessories, which in addition to clipping fishing line, assist with removing paint from jig eyes and other tasks. For those only wanting scissors, it’s hard to go wrong with the Fisherman’s Super Line Scissors, which deliver reliable performance at an incredible price.


Outerwear Extras

Cold hands ruin ice fishing trips, but this won’t be a concern when you’re wearing Heavy-Weight Mitts. Stuffed with 40 gram 3M Thinsulate padding, these hard-working hand warmers also provide full-hand immersion protection for those at-the-hole, icy water grabs. Those preferring gloves, will find all they need in the trio of Light-Weight, Mid-Weight and Heavy-Weight models from StrikeMaster.


As far as headwear goes, toques are a must for trapping heat and protecting ears, which are prone to frostbite. Wearing a Hooded Sweatshirt is another good strategy. And, as anyone who’s ice fished on a sunny day following a heavy snowfall knows, sunglasses are a must for blocking the intense glare of bright sun off snow and ice.


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