How To Use The Crossover Cap


The VMC Crossover Cap embodies the saying, “big things come in small packages”. Despite its diminutive size, the Crossover Cap offers anglers many options for tweaking lures, jigs and rigs to help catch more fish.


How The Crossover Cap Works

The Crossover Cap’s unique design makes it easy for anglers to attach a variety of “tricks” to their hooks and presentations. Say you want to add a trailer hook to a spinnerbait, bladed swim jig or buzzbait to catch short-striking fish. This takes just two simple steps with a Crossover Cap.


  1. Slide the Crossover Cap over the trailer hook’s eye.
  2. Thread the Crossover Cap onto the lure’s hook, ensuring the hook passes through the centre of the cap and eye of the trailer hook for a secure connection.



That’s it. You’re done.


Grippy, Flexible And Reusable

In addition to its ease of use, another advantage with the Crossover Cap is its material. The Cap is grippy enough to stay on the hook, but is flexible enough to remove easily when no longer needed.


In addition to being pliable, Crossover Caps are also durable and can be reused multiple times. With this in mind, here are a few other ways to customize your presentations and catch more fish.


Adding A Blade

A Crossover Cap combined with a swivel and a split ring opens up plenty of of possibilities for tweaking baits, including adding a blade to a bait for extra flash and vibration. This tweak is a great alternative to using a Bladed Hybrid Treble. Here’s how it’s done.


  1. Attach a split ring to one end of a swivel.
  2. Add a willow, Colorado or another blade on the split ring.
  3. Insert the swivel’s other eye into the Crossover Cap.
  4. Slide the Crossover Cap over a hook on a crankbait, spoon, topwater or other presentation.



Weighting Presentations

The Crossover Cap fits perfectly over the line tie of a bell sinker, creating plenty of options for weighting various presentations. Adding the Cap and sinker on a crankbait’s hook lets you temporarily add weight and modify a lure’s buoyancy or increase its running depth. The Crossover Cap-bell sinker combination can also be used with plastics rigged on wide gap and worm hooks to create different falling actions than a standard nose-weighted Texas-rig.


Finally, if a bell sinker is too big for your needs, try threading a tungsten drop-shot weight on to a split ring.


Easy Connections With VMC’s Quik Strike Hooks

If you’ve ever jigged for light-biting walleye, you know adding a trailer hook can save the day and help you catch more fish. VMC has made it easy to add and remove a stinger hook to a jig by including Crossover Caps with their new Bladed Hybrid, Single and Treble Trailer Hook rigs.



As A Bait Stopper

Last but not least, we’re also hearing of anglers using a Crossover Cap as a bait stopper with live-bait and plastics. Threading a Crossover Cap on the hook and against the bait keeps the offering where it’s supposed to be — not sliding down (or off) the hook when casting or trolling.


Crossover Options

Crossover Caps are presently available in one size and sold in packs of 10. They come in clear, black and green pumpkin for easy pairing with various bait colours.



Final Thoughts

With roughly a 4mm width, the Crossover Cap is somewhat unassuming, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in possibility. Get yourself some Crossover Cap packs today, and experiment with using them to trick-out your favourite presentations. We know you’re going to like the results. Tag us on Instagram with any creative presentations (@rapalacanada).