Finally, Baitcasters That Don’t Break The Bank


13 Fishing is shaking up the status quo once again with its new Origin F1, O1 and R1 baitcasters. Priced from $89.99 to $104.99, Origin casting reels bridge the gap between affordability and high-performance. If you’re a beginner or an intermediate angler looking for new reels this season, here are a few reasons the F1, O1 and R1 should top your list.


High-Performance Reels Without High Costs

Put simply, Origins deliver more for less. 13 Fishing reel designers built the F1, O1 and R1 using technology used in their higher end products, while keeping Origins reasonably priced. As a result, anglers can experience the benefits of fishing with these high-performance baitcasters without breaking the bank.


Should You Buy An Origin?

Let’s get one thing straight from the get-go. Despite falling within a “beginner baitcaster” price range and being a great fit for anyone with a limited budget, Origin F1, R1 and O1 are high-performance products and a completely different breed of baitcaster than typical $100 entry-level reels.


Origins are excellent for those new to fishing. These reels provide stellar casting performance, smooth operation and overall ease of use, all of which are important characteristics when learning how to use a baitcaster or looking for a fun day on the water free of any gear malfunctions. On top of this, Origins are built for the long haul and designed to provide years of dependable service.


Intermediate anglers will also appreciate Origin’s quality and flawless functioning. Plus, the affordability of these baitcasters gives buyers more purchasing power. For example, an angler can own two or three performance-driven Origins for the price of one comparable reel from another brand. This allows anglers to grow their rod and reel options faster than before without compromise.


Tip: Take your efficiency to the next level by having 3+ rods setup for specific applications throughout the day. No messing around with changing baits and using an inefficient rod for that bait or technique. Using the same rod/reel setup for both a jigging and cranking setup doesn’t make sense! Have a setup for topwater, flippin’ and cranking with specific line, rod power/action and reel speeds for each. Get the most out of every minute on the water. It’s what the pros do, so why wouldn’t you?


Origin F1

At $104.99, the Origin F1 has a few extra features not seen in the O1 and R1 models. These include a Beetle Wing Side-Plate for easy spool changes, a Venti 20-pound, six disk carbon fibre drag washer system and a seven bearing system.


The other high-performance components the F1 shares with the O1 and R1 begin with the Arrowhead Line Guide system. This uniquely shaped line guide reduces friction for faster line release and longer casts.


The Magnet Control System (MCS) is another standout. Dial controlled and located on the outside of the reel, MCS makes it quick and easy to adjust and control spool spin, improving casting distance and preventing backlashes.


The strong Instant Stop Anti-Reverse is another key aspect of Origin reels. Meticulously produced and tested, this system keeps the angler in control and is made stop fish year after year.


What’s more, the F1 showcases 13 Fishing’s sleek, ultra-low profile Fastback Frame Design. Palming an Origin is as comfortable as it gets. The frame’s integrated KeepR hook keeper, while utilitarian, is ultra-handy for securing a bait when needed, preventing tangles and keeping rod combos organized.


Origin O1

The Origin O1 boasts off-the-charts performance, ergonomics and styling for only $94.99. This tournament-ready baitcaster has an 18-pound composite material drag system and a five bearing system. Arrowhead Casting System, MCS, Instant Stop Anti-Reverse and Fastback Frame Design come standard on the O1.


The O1’s charcoal and onyx Blackout Components and cosmetics set it apart from its Origin siblings. Stylistically, the O1 is the perfect companion for the new 7’3” Blackout rod, but will pair equally well with any 13 Fishing casting rod.


Origin R1

The R1 has similar ingredients to the O1, minus Blackout components. Launch long-distance casts thanks to MCS and the Arrowhead system, then let Instant Stop Anti-Reverse and 18-pounds of max drag go to work while you crank the full-sized handle to haul-in big ‘uns. The Fastback Frame provides a perfect fit when palming and ensures all day comfort. At $89.99, the R1 is an economical, high-functioning baitcaster that won’t disappoint.


For beginner to intermediate anglers wanting reliable, high-performance reels with killer cosmetics, the Origin F1, O1 and R1 baitcasters are worthy of your hard-earned dollars. Yet, these reels are just a sampling of 13 Fishing’s Origin lineup. Those with bigger budgets interested in more options should check out Origin A, C and TX baitcasters ($129.99-$169.99) or even jump up to the Concept series for those looking to spend $200+.