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SureSet®, Spark Point®, Technical Locking Curve, Inline eye. These are some of the innovations that make VMC Treble Hooks the smartest, deadliest hooks available today. From small trout to huge peacock bass, VMC treble hooks will provide big hooking rates and big fun.

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VMC’s SureSet is an award-winning crankbait hook with one wide gap barb that turns short strikes into hookups. Features an inline eye that provides perfect balance and exceptional swimming action. Spark Point treble hooks feature VMC’s ground breaking Spark Point technology, which helps hook points retain their sharpness much longer than comparable hook points. Our Barbarian Treble’s Technical Locking Curve allows maximum transfer of energy toward the point when setting the hook for 25% improved hooking. Classic Round Bend and O’Shaugnessy trebles provide maximum variety and versatility.