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The best bass rod, premium line and pro-approved baits won’t get you anywhere if the hook on the end of your line keeps getting thrown. Improve your hook up percentage by tying on a VMC bass hook. VMC hooks feature a wide gap, resin closed eye and 3 degree offset point to help make better hook sets. Z bend, keeper barbs and/or locking spring keep bait securely in place. Super sharp, super strong and super smart, VMC hooks will guarantee more bass in the boat.

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Whether you’re fishing a dropshot presentation, a carolina rig, or flipping heavy cover, VMC has a bass hook perfect for your fishing situation and style. To eliminate line twist, take a look at the PowerShot, SpinDrift or SpinShot. If you like to throw a worm, VMC has a variety of hooks designed especially for use with worms, including heavy duty and extra wide gap versions. Wacky Weedless, Weighted Swimbait, Flippin’ and many more hooks are also available.