TMWJ Tungsten Mustache Jig


TMWJ Tungsten Mustache Jig
TMWJ Tungsten Mustache Jig


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We all know how Wacky rigging attracts big bass – that’s no secret. It's the same for enticing monster panfish through the ice! Tungsten drops fast to get to those hungry fish as they feed. The Mustache Worm combines the juicy allure of a fresh egg sack with thin, perfectly tapered appendages on either side to produce a bite-size snack no panfish can resist. VMC® Power Gap hook delivers a wider round gap greatly increasing your hook rate percentage. The precision balance is amplified by a 90° hook eye, ensuring the optimal horizontal position! Proven fish-catching colors and the enhanced Ultra Glow pigments give the head up to 15 minutes of charge!

Spec Chart
Model Number Pak Size Weight Hook Size
TMWJ116 2 1/16 oz. 10
TMWJ132 2 1/32 oz. 12
Model Number TMWJ116
Pak Size 2
Weight 1/16 oz.
Hook Size 10
Model Number TMWJ132
Pak Size 2
Weight 1/32 oz.
Hook Size 12