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All Sufix monofilament lines are created with a copolymer compound, resulting in a premium performance line. Superior tensile and knot strength combined with unequaled abrasion resistance and smooth handling for the finest monofilament line available. From the pros battling fish offshore to the weekend surf angler, there’s a Sufix monofilament fishing line for every fishing scenario.

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    Starting at C$ 10.99
  • Starting at C$ 10.49
    Starting at C$ 10.49

Each Sufix monofilament fishing line has a set of features that make it ideal for specific situations or angler types. For strength, smooth casting and easy handling, opt for Elite or ProMix mono. For superior casting distance with pinpoint accuracy, go with Sufix Siege. If you’re a surf fisherman, Tritanium Plus monofilament will give you the toughness and long casting that you need. Our Superior line is incredibly strong – it ranks among the highest in tensile strength—ideal for hunting big gamefish. Key Lime IGFA-Rated monofilament fishing line offers maximum abrasion resistance and consistent tensile strength to meet IGFA standards. Ice Magic is high performance ice fishing monofilament and our Wind-On Premium Monofilament Leaders attach easily to your main line without knots or swivels.