New VMC Walleye Jigs & A Sleeper Bass Jig ‘Eyes Can’t Resist


Ready to start catching walleye on jigs? Yah, us too. Here’s a look at VMC’s latest walleye jigs, along with a finesse “bass” jig you’ll want on deck this season for ‘eyes.


Time To Play Hard Ball

The Hard Ball Jig has a round head design, making it extremely versatile. Pitch, swim, snap-jig, jig troll, bottom hop - you can do it all with a Hard Ball, which come in 1/8, 1/4 and 3/8 ounce sizes.



The Hard Ball’s built-in, molded keeper easily secures grubs, worms, minnows, swimbaits and other popular soft plastics. Walleye also can’t resist these jigs when tipped with a real minnow, leech or nightcrawler.


The Hard Ball Jig’s premium hi-carbon steel hook easily sticks fish and keeps them pinned. Available in a rainbow of popular walleye jig colours.


Floats Like A Butterfly And Sting Like A Bee!

If you like live-bait rigging for walleye, you’ll love the floating Hover Jig. Designed to be used with walking, egg and other bait rigs, the buoyant Hover Jig lifts a minnow, leech or nightcrawler up and off the floor, away from snags and in the strike zone.



A distinct feature is the Hover Jig’s upward hook point and downward line tie, which positions it perfectly for hooking walleye in the roof of the mouth. It also has a built-in loop for adding a Quik Strike Trailer Treble Hook (see below).


Hover Jigs feature reflective 3D holographic eyes for added realism. Colours include UV Bright finishes, glow, chartreuse, white, firetiger and more.


Long-Shank ‘Em

Featuring a 1-X strong hook, extra long shank and weight-forward tear drop head, the Sleek Jig is ideal for use with boot-tail swimbaits, minnows and soft-plastic jerkbaits. And, its Techset technical locking curve hook maximizes hook sets with big plastics and keeps big fish buttoned-up.



This jig is also a go-to choice for casting and aggressive retrieves with real minnows. The long shank allows for double-hooking the minnow (e.g., in the mouth, out the gills, and then again in and out the belly or back) for a more secure hold.


Outfitted with 3D Holographic eyes, Sleek Jigs come in many colours, including UV Bright finishes and glow to boost the lure’s visibility. Available in 1/8, 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 ounce sizes.


Bucktail Jig


Don’t get caught without VMC’s Bucktail Jigs this season. Sporting a premium, hi-carbon steel needle point hook and bucktail with tinsel fibres to enhance visual attraction, Bucktail Jigs are now available in more weights and colours, including Purple Albino and Shad.



The new 1/16-ounce jig is deadly tipped with live-bait under a slip-float rig. The 1/2, 3/4 and 1 ounce arrivals get the nod for deep water and current scenarios.


Hook More Light-Biting Walleye

Make space in your jig box for the 2” and 3” Bladed Hybrid Quik Strike Trailer Hooks. Deadly at catching short-biting fish, these stinger hooks are made with Sufix 12-pound fluorocarbon leader and feature the strike-triggering flash and vibration of a Bladed Hybrid Treble’s hook.



Connecting the trailer hook to a presentation is easy. The Fast-Snap connector can be clipped on a built-in trailer hook loop, which are on the Hover and Hammer Head jigs. More impressive, perhaps, is the VMC Crossover Cap, which when placed over the Fast-Snap can be threaded directly onto the hook. Talk about versatility.


Tip: Not interested in a bladed hook? Check out the new Quik Strike Trailer Single Hook and Quik Strike Trailer Hook options.


‘Bass’ Kept Secret: Ned Rig Walleye? Absolutely!

The Ned Rig Jig is somewhat of a sleeper among the walleye fishing fraternity. But trust us, this jig’s awesome for shallow pitching, nice-and-easy swimming presentations and other finesse walleye tactics.



The Ned Rig Jig’s beveled-edge, conical keeper secures keeps ringworms, small swimbaits, minnows and other plastics secured for prolonged use and multiple hook sets. Walleye also gobble up these jig when skewered with a nightcrawler.


Its 1-X hook has a Hybrid Wide Gap and Hybrid Bend for better hook sets, holding power and extra strength — just what you want for when a big walleye’s on the end of your line.


The Ned Rig Jigs come in 1/16, 1/8, 3/16 and 1/4 ounces. Available in chartreuse, black and green pumpkin.


This season, upgrade your tackle collection with the new Hard Ball, Hover, Sleek, Bucktail and Ned Rig jigs, along with VMC’s new trailer hooks.