13 Fishing’s New Omen Gold Rods


The latest generation of 13 Fishing’s legendary Omen Gold rod series delivers performance, precision and reliability. Here’s a closer look at this premium rod series, built for walleye and smallmouth bass anglers.


Spinning Rod Technology



Omen Gold spinning rods are designed with many popular walleye and smallmouth tactics in mind. Crafted to feel precise, refined and reliable, this rod series showcases 13 Fishing’s innovative rod-building technologies and premium components, including: Japanese 36 Ton Toray graphite blanks, Premium Portuguese 3A cork split grip handles, Evolve Skeleton Reel Seats and Fuji Stainless K Frame guides fitted with Alconite inserts.


Spinning Models And Applications



This 6’3” medium-light, fast action rod is made for vertical jigging. It provides exceptional control, precision and feel when jigging 1/8 to 3/8 ounce baits directly under the boat. It’s also an excellent drop-shot and finesse jig rod for youngsters more comfortable wielding a shorter rod.



This 6’9” medium, fast action rod is incredibly versatile. With a 3/16 to 5/8 ounce lure rating, it’s suitable for many walleye and smallmouth presentations. No question, it’s a phenomenal jig rod. Rip bucktails, drag tubes, snap swimbaits, the list goes on. This rod is well suited for casting and vertical tactics using Jigging Raps, Rippin’ Raps, spoons and other jigging lures. Definitely check out this model, too, if you like casting Shad Raps, X-Raps and Skitter Pops on a spinning rod.



At 7’2”, this medium-light, fast rod is a finesse angler’s dream. Its 1/8 to 3/8 ounce lure rating makes it fantastic for rigging and jigging walleye. Smallmouth enthusiasts fond of fishing Ned rigs, Neko rigs, wacky rigs, small tubes and finesse swimbaits won’t be able to put this rod down. Anglers preferring a medium-light rod for Jigging Rap, Rippin’ Rap, spoon and bladebait tactics will fall in love with this stick. Last but not least, it’s an exceptional drop-shot rod.



This rod easily handles every presentation listed under the OGLDS72ML’s description, but delivers an extra four inches for anglers preferring longer rods and those frequently fishing deep. This 7’6” medium-light, fast spinning rod boasts exceptional casting distance, making it awesome for flinging hair jigs, micro swimbaits, split shot rigs and other finesse presentations in clear water and other tough-bite scenarios. Its length also makes it a superb slip float rod.


Trolling Rod Technology



Omen Gold trolling rods feature high-quality composite blanks and moderate tapers suitable for various walleye trolling applications. The Evolve Comfort Reel Seat and Premium Portuguese 3A cork full-grip handle provide a comfortable grip while the rubberized butt section sees to easy, reliable use with various rod holder configurations. Smooth line performance the result of Fuji Stainless Steel K Frame Guides with Alconite Inserts and SIC Tip. The 1-piece, 7’6” and 8’6” telescopic models listed below give the added convenience of being collapsable for easy storage.


Telescopic Trolling Rods



Measuring 7’6”, this medium-heavy, moderate action trolling rod has a 1/4 to 5/8 ounce lure rating. Spinner rigs, minnowbaits, crankbaits and spoons are all within the wheelhouse of this very versatile walleye trolling rod.



A foot longer and made for 1/2 to 1 ounce lures, this 8’6” medium-heavy, moderate rod is an excellent choice for flat-lining deep-diving crankbaits, like the Deep Tail Dancer, Down Deep Husky Jerk and ThunderStick Deep. Naturally, it’s equally suitable for inline planer board tactics involving crankbaits, spoons, worm harnesses and other popular trolling offerings for walleye.


Reels Worthy Of Gold


A quality rod is best paired with a high-end reel. We recommend matching Omen Gold spinning rods with Kalon O spinning reels. Kalon O models feature 13 Fishing’s Precision CNC Cut Z Cast Drive Gear, Performance Drag and Glide Oscillation System for reliable, powerful performance and smooth operation.


Defiant Line Counter Trolling Reels are a good match for Omen Gold trolling rods. The reel’s line counter improves accuracy and efficiency, and helps get the bait to the right depth. It has a large line capacity, along with an oversized handle.


The new Omen Gold series isn’t like the walleye and smallmouth gear of yesteryear. Constructed with high-quality components and materials, and crafted to feel precise, refined and reliable, the Omen Gold series is an evolution in performance.