This year’s first on Skitter Pop

This year’s first on Skitter Pop®

It’s already August, and each day the day gets shorter. The plan was to try out some Rapala poppers again. 

We headed to the upper part of Mistra to do some spin fishing before the sunset.  The water level was low, so the circumstances were challenging.

Pretty soon both me and Inge got some action, but nothing to land, yet. We fished thoroughly with the Rapala Original Floater® 7cm, BX® Minnow 7cm and Shadow Rap®. They are lures you can fish with on shallow waters. For a while, nothing much happened except some smaller fish showing themselves.

It was getting darker. We switched to Rapala Skitter Pop® in colors FML and SB. It did not take long to get a fish on – a beautiful trout had taken the popper. After some fighting the fish was safely in the net.

Beautiful 47 cm trout

We continued fishing the top waters with Rapala poppers. A half an hour later I hear Inge shouting that he has a fish on! And soon after that some curse words, after losing the fish. 

What a nice trip and great fishing with Rapala Skitter Pops!
Tight lines!
- Inge and Anders