River trout fishing in the winter with Anders Svalstad

A new year has begun and a few weeks ago, I got the withdrawal symptoms.

I grabbed my equipment, put on enough clothes and went eastwards to Femundselva river.

I’d heard that there was still some open water, if you were to go out on the edge of the ice.

Beautiful winter weather…

The temperature was around negative 9 Celsius, but it didn’t dampen my hope. Of course there were some challenges with ice on the rod rings and my Rapalas, but in the end, getting out of the house was what mattered to me the most.

There was heaps of snow, so waders were worth their weight in gold both in the snow and when crossing the ice.

After trying most of my old favorite lures, I tried a newcomer this year Rapala Shadow Rap Shad in the color RTL and only a few throws later, I caught the first fish … Quickly after I cast the wobbler in the same spot and that did the trick, not much of a bite but a nice trout was drawn out for a quick photo shoot

Hungry little guy

With a response like that on this new lure, it had to get some more swimming time.

A few throws and a few lost fish later, it finally worked again, still not a big fish but to be honest it can only be considered a bonus at this time of the year.

Ready to swim on.

The fish were very cautious and were probably affected by the cold weather. Like I had experienced earlier, reeling in with spin and stop retrieve was what worked best under these conditions.

With coffee in my backpack and nice, warm clothe;, this turned into a splendid January day with some movement at the end of the rod as a bonus. It’s worth a try early season if you’re thinking it is too long to wait until the new, official season starts – of course only if you can find a river with a fishing policy that allows it.

The countdown to a new season has truly started and as we speak, there are less than 3 months until Renaelva river opens.

Tight lines, everyone!


This article has been translated from Norwegian into English to be able to share the Rapala experience worldwide! You can read all of Anders‘ original blog posts in his native language here: