Could RCD be a boater’s best friend?


Who doesn’t love convenience and reliability? When we as boaters hit the water, filled with anticipation of the day ahead – the last things we need are small, avoidable nuisances ruining the experience.

Imagine if you could own a pair of pliers where the spring never deteriorated; or a pair of line scissors so sharp and precise that they make trimming those difficult braided tag ends a one-snip clip. These considerations are what set Rapala’s Custom Design (RCD) series of fishing & boating tools apart from the rest. From pliers to scissors; rulers to scales – whatever the tool, RCD offers the pinnacle in practicality, functionality and reliability.

The RCD series feature modern innovations and contemporary design that lift angler’s tools to a totally new level. Features like the patent pending, proprietary Mag Spring have not been seen on any tool before.

The RCD Mag Spring Pliers are built with two internally sealed, opposing magnets to hold the pliers open, and there are no springs that could break or lose their elasticity over time. The patent pending Mag Spring offers smooth, one hand operation and will not fail even in the harshest conditions with extended use.

The durable stainless steel jaws with gun metal finish have serrated tips offering a secure grip. The pliers have custom-designed, ergonomic, co-molded Soft Grip handles for a comfortable hold with the addition of a lanyard loop hole.

If you’re a kayaker, then you’ll appreciate another of Rapala’s RCD tools - the Magnetic Release. It uses magnets with approximately 3kg of attraction to clip a tool or accessory of your choice onto any other object, such as a belt buckle on your pants or cleat on your vessel for convenient access. No screws, no nails, no glue – just clip it on and off with the mini carabiner clip.

Rapala RCD Mag Spring Pliers work effortlessly in unison with the RCD Magnetic Release. When combined, simply tug sharply on the pliers to detach the bottom half of the RCD Magnetic Release, use the pliers, and return them to the top half of the RCD Magnetic Release which will instantly connect when brought close enough. 

How about line cutting and tag trimming? No one enjoys it yet it’s a part of the game, so why not make it as fast and as simple as possible so that you can get back into the action quickly?! Rapala RCD Precision Line Scissors are the answer to your frayed ends. This spring-loaded, single-hand operation tool specializes in intricate work and precise cutting by giving you maximum dexterity and cutting control through the use of your thumb and forefinger. With its off-set shears, these scissors excel in cutting micro super lines and all other non-wire fishing lines; and were tested during the development phase to over 10,000 clean cuts in good working order. Trim your lines clean and close the first time, every time…

Make your day that little bit easier by improving the smaller things first. Our time on the water is often filled with little intricate processes that work together to drive the overall experience; and with those optimized it’s easier for us to focus on the things that mean the most, like the good times with friends & family.

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