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Customer Service

Event Partnership Requests

Thank you for your interest in becoming an event partner of Rapala. We pride ourselves on supporting events and organizations that promote fishing and conservation of outdoors especially as it relates to encouraging youth and growing the sport. We receive thousands of requests every year and due to this, we accept only online applications. Please take a few minutes to follow the below process. Note that we will only contact events we are considering for a partnership. Thanks again for your time.

Please Note:

  • Our resources are limited, so we focus our efforts on fishing related programs that encourage youth participation, fishing related conservation causes, Veteran fishing events, activities that teach people all aspects of fishing, and other fishing related programs.
  • Organizations registered as a 501c3 will be given special consideration.
  • All submissions must be a minimum of 90 days prior to the deadline or start of the event.
  • Submissions with less than 90 days’ notice will not be considered.
    •   Submissions will be reviewed October 1st and April 1st every year. You will be contacted after those dates if we are interested in supporting.
  • No fax, phone or other form of request will be considered.
  • Support will not be provided for:
    •   Individuals, private pursuits, political parties/associations, representatives of advocacy groups
    •   Organizations that oppose the company’s position on issues
    •   Individual athlete or team sponsorship
    •   Marketing and advertising purpose
    •   Private or family foundations
    •   Events that charge for participation
    •   Events that request monetary sponsorships

(READ ABOVE BEFORE SUBMITTING) Email Your Event Partnership Request Using Below Button(information to include):

  • Contact Full Name: 
  • Contact Email: 
  • Contact Phone Number:
  • What brand are you requesting donation from(select any applicable)?
  • Are you looking for a team, group or individual sponsorship? 
  • Are you looking for a monetary sponsorship? (we do not do monetary sponsorships at this time)
  • Are you registered as 501c3 organization?
  • Is this a private or family event? 
  • Event/Program Name: 
  • Event Start Date:
  • Type of Program/Event(select):
    • Youth Fishing
    • Tournament
    • Fishing-Related Conservation
    • Tournament/Fundraiser
    • Veteran/Military Fishing Event
    • Other Fishing-Related Program(please describe)...
  • Event description:
  • What would you like from Rapala?
  • Do you advertise your event? If so, where? (social media, print ads, radio etc)?
  • Are you a political party or advocacy group?
  • Is your event currently partnered/sponsored by any other fishing companies? If so, please list.

Thank you for your time and good luck with your event!

Email Event Partnership Request