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Customer Service

Rapala RRFN Electric Fillet Knife Recall (Canada)

 (RRFN) Rapala Electric Fillet Knife SAFETY NOTICE

Rapala Canada has received reports of batteries on older Rapala® Rechargeable Fillet Knives (Product No. RRFN) catching fire when being recharged with charging devices other than those supplied with the knife.  No injuries have been reported.  To ensure the safety of our customers, however, Rapala Canada is replacing the batteries on the RRFN modl of Rapala® Rechargeable Fillet Knives to prevent overheating in the event the wrong charging device is used.  (Consumers should, of course, always use the charger supplied with the knife, rather than another manufacturer’s charger, to ensure proper charging and to avoid damage.)

If you may have purchased one of the knives that is subject to the battery replacement program.  Please remove the battery from your fillet knife and look for a white ETL label on the battery. 

If the battery does not have an ETL label, please email to arrange for a replacement battery to be sent to you and for you to return your existing battery to Rapala Canada for proper disposal – all at no cost to you.

This recall was conducted voluntarily by the company under CPSC’s Fast Track Recall process. Fast Track recalls are initiated by firms who commit to work with CPSC to quickly announce the recall and remedy to protect consumers.

Thank you for helping us to ensure the quality and safety of our products.  If you have any questions, please email warranty@normarkcanada.comor call our office at 905-571-3001.


RRFN Recall Questions & Answers

1.        What exactly is being recalled?

            Rapala Canada is recalling the batteries on older versions of Rapala® Rechargeable Fillet Knives, Product No. RRFN.  Only the battery is being recalled, not the entire fillet knife.

2.        Why is the battery being recalled?

            It has come to our attention that batteries on older versions of Rapala® Rechargeable Fillet Knives, Product No. RRFN, while being charged with chargers other than the Rapala® charger that came with the knife, can receive too much voltage and can overheat.  Rapala Canada wants to make sure that its customers are safe.

3.        What is the problem with the battery?

            The problem is not with the battery itself, but with the battery being charged by a charger other than the Rapala® charger that came with the knife.  The battery is designed to be charged with a certain amount of voltage.  The voltage input from chargers other than the one that comes with the knife may be higher than the battery is designed to accept.  In some cases, it is possible that this excessive voltage could lead to overheating.

4.        Is this a safety issue?

            If a charger other than the one supplied with the knife is used to charge the battery and if the voltage from that charger is high enough, it could cause the battery to overheat or catch fire.  A fire always presents a safety issue.

5.        What actions have been taken to address this issue since the problem was identified?

            All Rapala® Rechargeable Fillet Knives (Product No. RRFN) sold since the end of 2018 have enhanced batteries that include additional voltage protection.  We’ve instituted our battery replacement recall and have reached out directly to all customers who purchased early model cordless fillet knives from to inform them of the battery recall.  We’ve also worked to inform other customers of the recall through notices on our website, posters in retail stores, and other means.

6.        Are you recalling the batteries of all cordless fillet knives?

            No. Only a certain model of the Rechargeable Fillet Knife (Product No. RRFN) sold before 2019 need to have their batteries replaced.  Only batteries without a white ETL label are being replaced.  You can tell if your battery is subject to the recall by removing the battery from the knife and looking for a white ETL label on the battery.

7.        How do I know if the battery needs to be replaced in my knife?

            If your battery does not have a white ETL label on it, your battery needs to be replaced.  To find out if your battery needs to be replaced, remove the battery from the knife and look on the battery for a white label that says “ETL” inside a circle.  If the battery does not have this label, Rapala Canada will replace your battery.  If your batter does have this label, you don’t need a replacement battery.

8.        How do you know that the newer batteries/replacement batteries are safe?

            All batteries included with Rapala® Rechargeable Fillet Knives since January, 2019, have additional voltage protections that prevent overcharging.  Using the Rapala® charger that came with your knife also helps to ensure safety.

9.        What if I only use the Rapala® charger that came with my knife?

            That’s great!  But to ensure safety in the event of accidental use of another manufacturer’s charger, we still ask that you replace the battery if it doesn’t have a white ETL label.

10.      What do I do if my battery doesn’t have an ETL label?

            Email  You’ll be asked to provide some information and to provide a photograph of the battery.  After confirming that you have a battery that’s involved in the recall, Rapala Canada will send you a new battery as well as a pre-paid mailer for returning your old battery.

11.      Can I get a new battery if may battery has an ETL label?

            No.  Only batteries without ETL labels are subject to the battery replacement program.

12.      What do I do with my old battery?

           We ask that you dispose of it in a responsible manner.

13.      Can I put my old battery in the trash?

            Please don’t.  Batteries contain chemicals that can pollute groundwater and cause other problems. We ask that you dispose of it in a responsible manner. 

14.      How long will it take for me to receive my new battery?

            After we confirm that your battery is one of the batteries involved in the replacement program, you should have your replacement battery within four weeks.

15.      Do I have to return the entire knife?

            No.  The replacement battery will fit in your knife.

16.      What if I have more than one battery?

            We will replace each battery that you have that doesn’t have an ETL label.  You’ll need to provide information on each such battery on our website.

17.      My battery seems to be working fine, do I still need to send it in?

            If your battery does not have an ETL label, it needs to be replaced, even if it is working fine. 

18.      What if I no longer have a proof of purchase?

            You don’t need proof of purchase to receive a replacement battery.  We will need a photograph of the label on your battery, however.

19.      Can I get a refund for my knife, rather than a replacement battery?

            We’re not offering refunds for the knives involved in the replacement program, all of which are nearly two years old or older.  We will, however, provide new batteries for qualifying knives.