X-Rap® Peto - The Devious Snack

Rapala X-Rap® Peto

Rapala X-Rap® Peto – the number one predator lure!

Rapala X-Rap® Peto was launched earlier this year. Despite of its young age, it has already gained reputation as one of the most powerful pike lures ever made. Being the game changer in the newest season of the Pike Fight added even more hype around this hybrid bait.

SPOILER ALERT! Apologies, if you have not yet seen the full season of the Pike Fight. Exposing some of the plot & results cannot be avoided when talking about the X-Rap® Peto.

Why did they name the Rapala X-Rap® Peto, well, peto? That means a beast in Finnish.

It is partly a wobbler, partly a shad. Combining the best features of those two in a one package, the X-Rap® Peto holds just the right weight for long and accurate casts. It has a better hook-up rate compared to a traditional shad. And the most kicking swim. Those are this hybrid bait’s best features in a nutshell.

The first time I was fishing with the Rapala X-Rap® Peto, I thought that it would be a decent bait for after spawn fishing season, and that’s it. Maybe it would not be quite that effective during the summer and fall… I was so wrong. Rapala X-Rap® Peto has delivered extremely well around the year.

Rapala X-Rap® Peto

 A great catch with the Rapala X-Rap® Peto!

Every trip we’ve done together, we’ve gotten nice pike action with the Rapala X-Rap® Peto. The beasts caught with the X-Rap® Peto have been good in size, as well. Just like in the Pike Fight.

Our latest trip turned from being just ok to awesome as we changed lures. We found bream in a shallow bay and started with casting shads and jerk baits, but with no result. I switched to the Rapala X-Rap® Peto. Everything changed significantly!


Five casts, four 70-80 cm beautiful pike and one almost meter-long that followed the X-Rap® Peto up close to the boat before turning around.  At that point Jani also switched to Rapala X-Rap® Peto.

Something was telling us that we had hit the window. I say that it was X-Rap® Peto, that opened that window for us.

But why do the pike go crazy over the Rapala X-Rap® Peto?

X-Rap® Peto has everything on point: size, swimming style, movement. That’s it!

X-Rap® Peto seals the deal

X-Rap® Peto seals the deal

We continued to the next bay, which had a slightly different conditions compared to the previous spot. The bay had tons of bleak or other small bait fish, and partly dense vegetation. The circumstances for hooking a giant pike definitely were right.

I casted X-Rap® Peto in the middle of the vegetation even though I was not sure, how it would perform in such a challenging conditions.

X-Rap Peto

Boxes full of options…

I reeled in slightly faster and made the lure swim close to the surface, working my way around the reeds and vegetation. Lots of bait fish were shown in the radar, but no big pike anywhere. “I’ll cast just one more time”, I told Jani. Jani had already packed his gear so that we could move on.

We had moved from the back of the bay to its mouth. I casted X-Rap® Peto right where the mouth starts, close to the reeds. A few seconds later I felt something massive on the end of my line. Fish on! It was clear from the beginning, that this would be the largest catch of the day.

I asked Jani to unpack the net – we would need it after all.

After a short fight, we had landed a beautiful 93 cm fall pike. Rapala X-Rap® Peto had truly shown its power again, just like in the Pike Fight.

X-Rap Peto

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