The Super Shadow Rap® and Winter Prep

I’ve been a pike angler since birth. As long as I can remember, there’s been satisfaction in chasing the pike! I still get the same vibes as I had as a young boy, sitting in my grandpa’s wooden boat, staring at those green predators. Even today, when sport angling has become more of a routine for me, than a hobby.

I have been fishing with a wide range of lures made of different materials throughout the years. I’ve come to a point at which it is hard to become really impressed by something any more. 

Until I came in contact with the Super Shadow Rap® from Rapala. The first time I laid my eyes on this lure eagerness and curiosity filled me up. I wanted to learn more about it. 

A good friend of mine Mikko Seppänen was the first person to show me this magnificent lure.

He himself had a role in the development of this lure. I instantly saw in his eyes that he cared and believed a lot in the  Super Shadow Rap® lures. 
A couples of weeks passed, and I finally received my own Super Shadow Rap®. And guys! Their movement is really awesome! I was stunned to find out that it is such a versatile lure with so many cool features. 

Introduction to the Rapala Super Shadow Rap®

Let me walk you through it! The Rapala Super Shadow Rap® is 16 cm long and weighs 77 grams. It comes with two size 3/0 VMC treble hooks. I would describe the Super Shadow Rap® as a combination of glider, jerk and wobbler.

It can be ripped, twitched or monotonically reeled in, and it still keeps its amazing movement. And when you let the Super Shadow Rap® do a significant stop in the water… It is like the lure itself would levitate in the water! I find it spectacular.

I personally fish a lot in rivers and lakes in Sweden, and for those situations I need a lure that can work in depths of 1,5 to 2 meters – for that the Rapala Super Shadow Rap® is a great choice. Don’t be afraid to try it out in deeper waters when the predators are active. The pelagic fishing with those hard strikes coming from underneath is just overwhelming. 

How Does it Perform?

Not that long time ago, I was fishing for pike at one of my home rivers. I chose the the Rapala Super Shadow Rap® and caught a nice little pike with it. I will share the story with you – some of the tricks you can try out yourself as well!

It was mid-October and the water temperature was just below 7 degrees Celsius. My strategy was to seek big pike in a smaller bay. The bay should hold plenty of bream at this time of the year. As the temperatures are dropping, bigger schools of bream pack together – which means the pike are close by.

In this specific bay the depths varied, which suited my Super Shadow Rap® just perfectly. The first hours I spent fishing the shallower areas, from one to three meters deep. I had some contacts and managed to even hook a fish sized about two kilos.

During the day I concentrated on fishing my lure on different depths and with different methods. I did that to avoid getting stuck with the same routines – I always try to rethink if something isn’t working. 
I made a quick switch and started presenting the lure in the deeper parts of the bay. I fished the Super Shadow Rap® with long and slow dragging movements and with very long pauses. Suddenly a head appeared and stared at my Super Shadow Rap®! I twitched the lure a couple of times and BOOM! There she was! Hooked and fighting!
This is a typical way that the Rapala Super Shadow Rap® can deliver and transfer a boring day into something great! 

Winter Gear Care

As the autumn is slowly turning into winter – at least here in Sweden – it’s the time to start switching the focus into gear care. I recommend that you clean your rod and reel and treat your reel with some reel oil. That way your equipment stays fresh until the spring comes, and the hunt for those predators begins!

Also, a good thing to do is to take a look on your split rings and hooks. My preparations always include replacing the hooks and rings, if needed. Personally, I use treble hooks from VMC, since I consider them to be super sharp and reliable hooks that don’t give in.

So, take the moment on a night off. All you need is your lures, pliers and some fresh hooks and rings – and some great music. And soon you will be ready for spring time fishing!