Can’t Miss Lures For Spring Pike

Spring pike


The Great 8: Baits You Need To Catch Springtime Northern Pike


With spring around the corner, some incredible northern pike fishing is about to kickoff. In this blog we’re showcasing eight essential early-season pike lures. Don’t launch the boat without these great baits in your tackle box.


All-New X-Rap® Haku


X-Rap Haku

The new X-Rap® Haku is a pike angler’s dream. Ruggedly built and available in incredible colour patterns, the Haku has a natural, gliding action pike can’t help but attack.


What makes the Haku especially unique, however, is its innovative, proprietary 3R Release Rig System, which significantly increases hook-ups and landing percentages. The titanium 3R System clips into a groove along the Haku’s belly. At the hookset, the rig releases from the body, providing direct contact to the fish. This also prevents a pike from using the lure as leverage to escape. Better still, hook removal is fast and easy with the 3R System as the Haku’s body out of the way.



Fishing the Haku is easy. Pull the bait with the rod for a seeking, side-to-side action. A stop-and-go reeling retrieve also works. A fast burn between stops mimics an escaping baitfish.



Tip: See the Haku in action HERE


Downsized X-Rap® Otus and X-Rap® Peto



X-Rap Otus


X-Rap Peto

Rugged, X-Rap® construction, plus an irresistible body roll and soft-tail kicking action make the X-Rap® Otus and X-Rap® Peto great pike lures. Both hybrid baits now comes in smaller, lighter versions. The new 6-3/4" (17cm) Otus has a soft, PVC wafting curl tail, the 5-1/2"(14cm) Peto a wide, boot-tail. Slow sinking, these baits are made for cold-water, tough-bite conditions and will certainly payoff in spring.


New Super Shadow Rap® Colours


Super Shadow Rap

The Super Shadow Rap® swims like a dying baitfish. A twitch-pause sends it kicking to the side, then slowly, gliding away. Another twitch on slack line and the lure makes a tight turn in the opposite direction. It’s a realistic display of vulnerability and realism pike can’t help but attack.


Now anglers have five more colour options for fooling pike using Super Shadow Raps. Peacock, Smelt On The Beach and Pearl Ghost Gold being three of the new highly-detailed finishes.



Husky Jerks And Rattlin’ Raps Now In Hi-Def


Rattlin Rap

Husky Jerk

Husky Jerks and Rattlin’ Raps are quintessential pike lures, and now come in ultra-realistic Custom High-Definition Patterns. Husky Jerk finishes are smelt, pike, walleye, and goby. While the Rattlin’ Rap comes in a perfectly detailed river shad.


Springtime pike and Husky Jerks go together like bears and honey. Trolling or casting a 12 or 14 Husky Jerk while twitching it covers water and consistently puts northerns in the net. Then there’s the 08 Rattlin’ Rap. Burned, slow-reeled or hopped, its distinct sound frequencies and classic Rapala wobble tempt predators and stimulate strikes.



360GT Searchbaits®


360GT Searchbait

Swimbaits are stellar spring pike baits. Storm’s 360GT Searchbaits® are the cream of the crop and perfect for the shallow and mid-depths where pike abide in spring. Fishing a 360GT is easy. Steady reeling delivers a potent belly-rolling, tail-kicking swim. Add short twitches or a brief pause to trigger following fish.


The 4-1/2” and 5-1/2” 360GTs won’t disappoint. Downsize to the 3-1/2” version during tough bites and cold-front conditions.



360GT Swimmer


The 360GT Searchbait® Swimmer is another winner. Its rattling jig head has a molded lip, which produces an enhanced swimming and diving action.


Storm Flatsticks


Storm Flatstick

Storm FlatSticks have been catching giant northern pike for a decade. These flashy, loud-rattling baits “fish big” and get noticed by apex predators.


Straight reeling a FlatStick produces a wobbling, swimming retrieve. Equally potent is making it dart and roll with twitch-pause sequences. Trolling FlatSticks also catches pike.



FlatSticks come in a 6-1/4” and a Giant 8-1/2” size. Carry both from season opener into late fall.



Leader And Line Tips


Sufix 832

Use Sufix 832 Advanced Superline in 20- to 30-pound test with a medium to medium-heavy spinning combo for Husky Jerks, 360GTs and other moderately weighted lures. Increase to 50-pound Sufix 832 for medium-heavy casting set-ups and heavier lures.


VMC Fluoro Leader


Leaders are a must for toothy pike. The 80-pound VMC Fluorocarbon leader is nearly invisible underwater and a good choice for line-shy northerns.


VMC Titanium Leader


A 50- or 75-pound VMC Titanium Leader is also excellent. It resist kinking and lasts a long time. In spring, expect to find pike near spawning areas, including creeks, back bays, marshes and protected shorelines. Cast or troll the above lures in these areas, as well as in nearby vegetation beds and around points, and we guarantee you’ll catch plenty of springtime pike.