Fill Your Pike Box With Our Best Baits

If you’re a serious pike angler, you’ve likely heard of Rapala’s newest trio of predator baits that have been flying off shelves as fast as they’ve been filling them. If you’ve been fortunate enough to get your hands on one of these, then you’ll understand the hype; but if not, then let me try to fill you in on what you’ve been missing.

X-Rap Peto. To an English speaker, Peto sounds a bit funny (pronounced pet oh), but in Finland where Rapala originates, Peto is the Finnish word for Beast. The aptly named X-Rap Peto has been slaying beast-sized pike since its release in February this year. It’s also Rapala’s first hybrid lure design, incorporating a replaceable soft tail! At 20cm and 83g with a slow sink, it’s perfect for shallow water spring pike anglers and a simple cast & retrieve technique.

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X-Rap Scoop. It looks kind of like a metal spoon, but being made of hard plastic with internal weights, the X-Rap Scoop is definitely something else. We tested this product in autumn of 2017 with great success, especially around rocky outcrops in the Finnish archipelago where the water depth went to around 2m. Further use has proven the X-Rap Scoop to be a fantastic slow trolling lure for monster trout and salmon like this lake trout caught by Rapala angler Slavko Arsić in Serbia.

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Super Shadow Rap – Rapala’s Shadow Rap series was first launched with the 11cm minnow, and since expanded to include a deeper version and a 9cm shad. These are fantastic lures for perch and zander (even some sea trout), but Rapala was missing a big pike bait until the February release of the 16cm Super Shadow Rap! This incredibly responsive bait is currently my personal favourite of the 3 due to the many ways you can fish it. I’m an aggressive fisherman – I cast hard, fish fast and like to jerk the heck out of my hard baits; but I understand that sometimes fish don’t respond to a fast moving bait which is why the SSDR is so awesome… it suspends/ever-so-slowly sinks on the pause which allows me to still fish how I like, but just add some more hang time between rod snaps. The pike love it in all seasons.

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If you manage to get out and hook a few fish this year with Rapala, be sure to hashtag #myrapala on Instagram when you post your catch, or tag us in any other social channel!

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