Ice fishing for pike with Rolf Magnus Grenberg

Now the ice has settled and there is no doubt that ice fishing on clear ice is both effective and fun.

We call it glass ice. It allows for good light penetration under the ice, which is not a disadvantage in my opinion. The ice itself also offers access to a lot of waters that otherwise are not reachable by boat. Around Finnskoden, there is about 10cm of ice on most of the small lakes already. Although everything appears safe, it is important to be careful at all times. Carrying ice claws around your neck is a must, but also be sure to tell someone where you are going and to always bring your phone. The best would be to bring a friend along who can assist you with both company and help if an accident should happen. A survival suit also makes it easier to get out of the ice and to keep warm.

On the trips that I’ve been on, I’ve caught fish from dusk until dawn, and in the middle of winter there is no problem with being out all day long considering how short the days are. A warm fire and a hot lunch also strengthens my willpower!

When fishing, my advice is to put the bait fish high up given that it is quite light directly below the ice, and also to use slightly larger bait fish. I often use small bream, and large roaches rigged on two treble hooks. Without a doubt, my favorite is VMC 8650 size 2. Place the leading treble behind the head so the fish hangs in a relatively natural way. The other treble below the first, behind the pectoral fin. These should sit loosely since it’s preferable to pull the hooks off the bait fish the moment you set the hook on a predator fish.

I can report on the great fish taking baits high in the water column from the start of the 2017 season.

117cm 11.64kg

In addition to this one, I have had the pleasure to meet three more fish over a meter in size, so I can really say that I am happy. That said, I also had a trip where I didn’t catch anything this year, which is something one also has to expect in fishing.

Remember to be careful with the fish deep in the cold of winter. Use a landing mat and a weigh net and keep the time you hold the fish above water to a minimum. This is important for a good catch and release!

Tight lines, and take care of your own, and the fish’s safety!


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