Cold Autumn Mornings With the X-Rap® Peto!

The autumn is upon us as the leaves turn to red, yellow and orange. The air and the water temperatures are dropping. Every fisherman knows for a fact that soon we are hitting that special time of the year, when the schools of bait fish are gathering around. Either if it’s on deeper waters or in the shallow bays of the archipelago, the feeling is exceptional.
For me, the Rapala’s X-Rap® Peto was love at first sight. This hybrid bait has a perfectly balanced hard body, and a fierce soft tail. That made the predator hunter in me scream of joy. I’ve been longing for a lure like this for quite a while now. And now it’s here to stay! 

For me, the X-Rap® Peto is a versatile lure that is fishable the whole season. It’s a great choice during the early spring and late autumn, when you want slow movement and some belly roll in your lure. It performs great as you search for those big ones in the shallow-water bays! 

In the summer, you will love the X-Rap® Peto even more! It is retrievable in high speeds yet still perfectly balanced. It makes so much noise under the water, that the fish will not be able to resist it.

Another benefit of this lure is of course the great color range, that consists of fifteen delicious options.
There are so many cool and exciting patterns, that it’s truly hard to choose from them. Two of my favorites colors are definitely the Halloween (HLW) and the Artistic Burbot (ARB).

The X-Rap® Peto comes with a spare tail. Honestly, the tail is very high quality - I’ve caught a decent number of pikes on my Petos, and I have not had to replace the tails yet. But changing the tail is easy. Thanks to the reliable 6-point stainless plate construction, the tail will stay firmly on its right place. It will definitely not slip off! 

I consider the X-Rap® Peto to be a hybrid bait that will always have a given space in my box. It weights 83 grams and has a body length of 20 cm, which makes it perfect match for my spinning rod when I need really long casts to cover a lot of waters. Especially since I do a lot of competitions around the Sweden. it’s a perfect bait for competitive fishing purposes.
So, a few quick tips! Fish the X-Rap® Peto in shallow bays during the early spring and late autumn - especially focus on areas that contain whitefish. Fish it extremely slowly and make long pauses and wait… And wait… BAM! This lure will surely deliver you results. 

Try speed fishing during the summer over areas of rich vegetation and grass. Make some fast stops and pauses just outside the weed lines. Also try the same method at the edges of deeper waters, outside those grassy areas. You should hook predators!

Rapala X-Rap® Peto is an ideal hybrid bait for anglers around the world. It serves both the needs of the competitive anglers, and the fisherman who have just picked up the hobby. You should really just give it a try! Who knows, maybe the big fish are just around the corner waiting for you and your new Peto!