Rapala Pike Baits

Who's ready for BIG northern pike and musky!? Fall is one of the most exciting times for anglers as big predator fish are HUNGRY and in full ambush mode! Check out these 3 baits that are sure to grab the attention of onlooking monsters.

Super Shadow Rap®

Super Shadow Rap®

Do not go pike/musky fishing without this versatile bait. Measuring 16cm (6.3”), the durable Super Shadow Rap features a highly detailed finish that delivers the realism and flash needed to attract prowling pike/musky and convince them to strike.

Cast the Super Shadow Rap in 10'-20' deep bays over flats, near inflows and along shores. Be on the lookout for vegetation, logs and rock piles as northerns typically use these features in their ambush approach.

Fish the Super Shadow Rap by turning the reel several times, then stopping. This imparts a hard-kicking swim and jolting pause that drives predator fish wild. Another trick to provoke attacks from following northerns is gently twitching the bait to make it dart erratically on-the-spot. 

X-Rap® Peto

X-Rap® Peto

Pike love plastic hybrid baits, like the new X-Rap Peto. The Peto has been tearing-up the European pike scene and is now available in Canada. Measuring 20cm, its front features Rapala’s durable X-Rap construction while its rear has a colour-matched, soft-plastic paddletail. It comes with a spare tail, which changes easily and stays secure thanks to the integrated stainless, 6-point attachment system.

The Peto has a slow sink rate, horizontal fall, and a wobbling, hard-thumping, tail-kicking action that pike can’t help but attack. This lure maintains its action at slow speeds, making it perfect for teasing strikes from pike during transitioning water conditions in fall. It’s versatile and can be fished with a steady swim or worked with a pull/jerk-pause retrieve. 

Check out the new patterns(Peacock, Pearl Ghost Gold, Robot Roach, Smelt on the Beach, 5W-50UV).

X-Rap® Otus *new*

X-Rap® Otus

A big brother to Peto, the 25cm X-Rap Otus is another hybrid bait. Like the Peto, it has an incredible belly-flash action thanks to its hard-plastic, X-Rap torso. The Otus, though, has a soft-plastic curly tail that delivers a subtle, pulsing vibration compared to the harder-thumping Peto. In clear water, high-pressure fisheries and during post-front conditions, the Otus’ more subdued swimming action can prompt more pike to strike.

Rocky shorelines, points, bays, shallow flats, marshy back bays, vegetation and drop-offs are just a few areas where the Peto and Otus shine at catching pike. Fish it in a countdown technique. Cast, countdown the slow sinking bait to appropriate depth, start slow retrieve followed by a heavy jerk, pause for a few moments and repeat retrieve/jerk/pause. 

Check out the new patterns(Peacock, Pearl Ghost Gold, Robot Roach, Smelt on the Beach, 5W-50UV).

X-Rap® Musky Rods

R-Type® Musky Rods

Need a matching rod for your new predator baits? Try out the R-Type Musky Series rods. They are designed to handle most popular musky angling techniques. Extra long handles offer leverage when tossing large baits, with each rod being specialized for specific baits such as Bucktails, Cowgirls, Bull-dawgs, Swimbaits, Jerkbaits, Glide Baits, and large Crankbaits. This rod series offers various lengths, actions and powers to handle the biggest predator fish.

Don't miss the chance to take advantage of the feeding frenzy! Make sure to stock these potent lures in your predator fish tackle box this fall. Oh and these will be great all year long for big predator fish.