Understand Ice Spoon Differences To Catch More Fish

Understand Ice Spoons

Day in, day out, jigging spoons consistently catch fish in winter. Most spoons can be classified as either straight or bent models. Then there are variations within these categories, such as slab spoons and dropper spoons. Below are some popular ice fishing spoon styles every ice angler should own.

Straight spoons

A spoon with a straight profile will have a conservative, tumbling action. Straight spoons, like the VMC Rattle Spoon and Luhr-Jensen Crippled Herring, are great when fish have a small strike-window and are uninterested in chasing prey.

VMC Rattle Spoon

Crippled Herring Spoon

A straight spoon’s restrained action is well suited for avoiding hang-ups when dunking holes in vegetation. Try this with an erratic, wide fluttering bait and it’s more apt to snag weeds. Straight spoons also sink fast. This is advantageous when ice trolling to cover water or targeting deep fish.

A quick fall also speeds into the strike zone of active fish. This helps maximize your catch during a feeding frenzy.

Tip: The Rattle Spoon’s brass chamber and multiple beads emit fish-attracting vibrations. Versatile in many scenarios, this spoon is especially effective in dingy water or at low light when fish use their lateral line for locating prey.

Slab spoons

Slab spoons are a subcategory of straight spoons. Beveled edges and a tapered design make slab spoons unique. This profile produces an enticing fluttering action and a lot of flash, while still falling fairly rapidly.

The VMC Flash Champ Spoon and Luhr-Jensen Cast Champ slab spoons are excellent for attracting fish roaming flats. They also work very well in clear water. Their distinct action and flash can trigger bites when other spoons fall short.

VMC Flash Champ Spoon

Cast Champ Spoon

Tip: The Flash Champ and other VMC spoons have 3D holographic eyes, and come in Ultra Glow pigments that shine for 15 minutes, UV bright colours, natural baitfish patterns and holographic finishes.

Bent spoons

As their name suggests, these spoons have a curved profile. The greater the bend, the wilder the spoon’s action and slower it falls. When fish are triggered by erratic, flashy moves, a bent spoon is a great choice.

Where and how a spoon is bent along its axis gives it distinct characteristics. Our bent jigging spoons (below) tumble and wobble with an irresistible, one-of-a-kind action.

The Tumbler Spoon’s unique “knuckle” bend gives it a slow, tumbling fall. This spoon is great at stimulating bites from neutral and negative fish. Its small, metallic flutter blade delivers extra flash and sound to trigger bites.

VMC Tumbler Spoon

The Tingler Spoon has a V-shape, curved body and falls with a wide wobbling, dying-baitfish action. This spoon’s distinct, sideways flutter provokes strikes and appeals to aggressive fish.

VMC Tingler Spoon

Pro tip: Let a Tingler Spoon free fall on slack line. This sends the bait darting off to the side and away from the hole, helping cover a larger perimeter of water and contact more fish.

The More-Silda is a Norwegian “slider” spoon. Its curvaceous profile gives it an irresistible fluttering fall, mimicking a wounded minnow. Yet, despite its evasive, fluttering action, it drop fast due to its slender design and 1/4- and 2/3-ounce, brass construction.

More-Silda Spoon

Tip: Use a snap-swivel or a swivel then a 18” fluorocarbon leader to prevent line twist caused by a spoon’s erratic, tumbling action.

Dropper spoons

Few presentations deliver a 1-2 combo punch like a dropper spoon. Any spoon profile can be combined with a VMC Treble Dropper Chain. Although, beginners are encouraged to use straight spoons given their conservative action is less apt to cause dropper chain tangles.

VMC Dropper Chain

Our new Rocker Spoon is the total package. It falls with a steady, rocking action to attract fish. At rest, a few jiggles of the rod seductively dances the glow resin octopus hook on the black nickel dropper chain. Follow this with a short pause to give fish an easy target and seal the deal.

VMC Rocker Spoon

Tip: Bang the Rocker Spoon on the floor several times to create a silt cloud and attract fish foraging on a soft bottom. Then raise the dropper up 6 to 18 inches off the floor and get ready to set the hook. Be sure to carry a variety of different jigging spoon models this winter. Experiment with spoons styles throughout the day, letting the fish tell you what they want.