5 Lures to Cast at Perch This Summer

Perch Recommendations

Thinking of fishing for some perch this summer? Take a look at these 5 lures recommended by our in-house pros that will not only get you more bites, but also open your mind to new ways of targeting this popular freshwater species.

BX® Brat

A perch catcher for shallow water fishing! With this Crankbait, the lip hits the bottom first, so the hooks do not get caught. The Balsa / copolymer body swims in a delicate motion but can withstand hard hits. Choose according to the water depth: 03 - Swimming depth: 3ft (90cm), 06 - Swimming depth 6ft (180cm).

BX Brat

Rippin’ Rap

Long-cast, lipless, flat-body and easy-to-cast lure for fishing perch and pike. The sinking and rattling body swims with a seductive action. The swimming depth varies according to the speed of your retrieve.

Rippin' Rap


Thanks to the delicate action of the balsa body, you can fish the Rapala CountDown in a wide variety of water depths. Let the CountDown sink to the desired depth and start the “stop and reel” retrieve. This is how you fish the CountDown method.


Shad Rap®

The smaller sizes of the legendary Shad Rap are excellent for perch trolling. The high side profile and a symmetrical swim resemble a roach. This wobbler has a place in the perch fisherman's lure box.

Shad Rap

Skitter Pop®

Perhaps the most fun possible when perch fishing is with a topwater lure. A great choice for this is the Skitter Pop 05 or a 07 for a bigger perch. There is no going back after the first time you hook a perch as it takes the lure from the surface.

Skitter Pop