Black Friday

With all the gear available for anglers, finding the perfect gift can be challenging. This guide is here to help. It highlights our new gear for catching bass, walleye, pike, trout, salmon, steelhead, plus more of Canada’s fish species. Remember to keep your eye out this Black Friday as some featured items will be going on sale!


Hot, New Baits


Anglers love to add lures to their collection and our newest baits below make great gifts. Each one is built with our unwavering dedication to quality and to assuring it has the trademark Rapala swimming action fish can’t resist.


Perfect Predator Baits


Anglers who target pike, muskie and other predators are sure to like the X-Rap® Otus ($19.99), X-Rap® Peto ($19.99) and Super Shadow Rap® ($19.99). These realistic, durable baits have a meal-sized profile, plus many strike-triggering features. The Otus’ wide wafting, curl tail and Peto’s boot-tail create unique swimming actions and distinct vibration signatures. The Super Shadow Rap is the ultimate twitch bait that gives a hard sideways kick before gliding off like a dying baitfish.  s a winner. This modified-squarebill crankbait is built with a balsa wood core wrapped in a rugged copolymer shell for the ultimate in durability and lifelike swimming action that drives big bass wild.

X-Rap Otus

X-Rap Peto

Super Shadow Rap


A Bigger Brat For Crankbait Enthursiasts


Want a can’t-miss gift for bass anglers? Our 2-3/4” BX® Big Brat ($13.49) is a winner. This modified-squarebill crankbait is built with a balsa wood core wrapped in a rugged copolymer shell for the ultimate in durability and lifelike swimming action that drives big bass wild.

BX Big Brat


Expand Their Jerkbait Collection


Spring to fall, jerkbaits catch smallmouth, largemouth, pike and walleye. Our RipStop® ($14.49) series delivers a fast ripping, flashing swimbait action, followed by a sudden stop thanks to its hard-plastic, boot tail. It’s an action unlike anything fish have seen and is now available in a RipStop® Deep model ($16.99) capable of reaching depths of over eight feet.


RipStop Deep


Eye-Popping Crankbait Colours


Many times getting fish to bite boils down to showing them something they haven’t seen. Our custom colour Rippin' Rap®  ($10.49) lures come in four amazing finishes inspired by the latest trends in custom bait painting. These baits definitely stand out from the crowd.

Rippin' Rap


A Winner For Walleye Anglers


The No. 14 Down Deep Husky Jerk® ($10.49) is sure to please walleye enthusiasts. Perfect for trolling deep structure or casting from shore, the DHJ14 has a 10- to 20-foot running depth and will rile-up strikes from ‘eyes, not to mention giant smallmouth and pike.

Down Deep Husky Jerk


Give Them The Ultimate Confidence Lures


Our 360gt Serchbaits are designed to be fished anywhere and by all skill levels. The series expands with the 2-1/2” 360GT, a great presentation for bass, walleye and big panfish. Equally potent are the 3-1/2” and 5-1/2” 360GT Searchbait® Swimmer. The Swimmers’ jig head has an integrated diving lip that improves depth control while creating a distinct swimming action, blending the erratic nature of a crankbait with the realism of a swimbait.

360GT Swimmer


Surprise Them With The Hottest Bass Rig


The Tokyo® Rig ($5.99) is all the rage for bass because of its versatility and the undulating action it gives to a soft-plastic. Available in Heavy Duty Wide Gap, Heavy Duty Flippin’ and Heavy Duty Worm hook options, gift some will please any bass enthusiast.

Tokyo Rig


You Can't Go Wrong With Jigs


The NME Neon Moon Eye Jig  ($3.49-$10.49)  have a premium, hi-carbon steel hook, an aspirin-shaped head for maximum control and holographic, 3D eyes. Sizes range from 1/32- to 1-ounces and come in several new colours. There are also our Twitchin’ Jigs(coming soon), specifically designed for Pacific North West techniques for salmon, trout and steelhead. Premium rabbit hair and strip tail with tinsel fibres, flashabou and living silicone produce an incredible action, while the 2x-Strong Tech-Set Jig Hook keeps fish locked-up.

Neon Moon Eye Jig


Fantastic Bass Jigs


You can’t go wrong picking up bass jigs for smallmouth and largemouth anglers. The Terminator Shuddering Bait ($10.49) takes bladed, swim jigs to the next level with its custom-designed swimming lip that kicks out vibrations and has an erratic, hard pounding, sweeping action that drives bass wild.

Shudder Bait


Sure-To-Please Flashers For Great Lakes and West Coast Anglers


Salmon and trout anglers can’t get enough of our fully rotating Coyote Cyclone™ Flasher  ($25.99). Its wide, rolling elliptical pattern produces incredible fish-attracting flash and motion to the presentation, and the centre “Cyclone” blade spins independently for extra vibration and strobing flash. The 8-3/8” and 11” versions come in Everglo, UV finishes, reliable Great Lakes patterns and proven West Coast colours.

Cyclone Flasher


An Awesome Inline


Inline spinners are one of the easiest baits to fish and catch all kinds of species. Our No. 3, 1/2-ounce Minnow Super Vibrax(coming soon) tracks deeper than other models, while giving off plenty of flash and vibration. A must-have for any angler.


Can’t Miss Fishing Line


Using quality line makes fishing more enjoyable and catches more fish. One choice that won’t disappoint is Advance™ Monofilament, the Mono that thinks its a Braid ($15.49). With low memory, excellent knot strength and long-distance casting qualities, it has all the great properties anglers want from a mono, but fishes more like braided line. It’s abrasion resistant, subtle and sensitive.


Equally outstanding is Advance Fluorocarbon ($37.99). Unlike other stiff, springing fluoro that jumps off spinning reels like a Slinky, Advance’s precision processing creates an easy handling, super-sensitive and abrasion resistant fluorocarbon. This line is virtually invisible underwater. A great choice for clear-water anglers.

Sufix Advance


Rod And Reel Gift Ideas


The Husky Spinning Combo ($45.99) is perfect for multi-species enthusiasts. Featuring a crisp, lightweight HM graphite responsive blank, these rods are outfitted with a cork handle grip for a traditional feel. This combo is the right choice for the beginner to intermediate angler.

Husky Combo


Steelhead, trout and salmon anglers love our new Concept Ti® Float / Drift Rod rods ($349.99) and reels ($429.99) specifically designed for Canadian waters and techniques. The durable, responsive rods are light and sensitive thanks to their nano-technology fortified, high-modulus graphite blank, split-grip design and ALPS titanium high frame guides. The aircraft-grade aluminum Concept reels are corrosion resistant, have seven premium Japanese bearings for flawless performance and feature a shallow spool with large arbour for improved line management. Alternatively, our LJ Legacy® Float / Drift Rod ($159.99) and LJ Legacy Centerpin Reel ($314.99) also make great gifts for steelhead, trout and salmon enthusiasts.

Concept Float Rod

LJ Legacy Float Rod


If the angler on your shopping list is a fan of mooching salmon and trout on the Great Lakes, in the Northwest or on big, inland lakes, our LJ Legacy® Mooching Rod and LJ Legacy Mooching Reel ($529.99) are sure to please.

LJ Mooching Reel

Lj Legacy Trolling Rod



Stylish, Comfortable, Functional Fishing Apparel Options


Like our lures, rods, reels and fillet knives, Rapala wear is built to the highest standards. We demand a comfortable fit and uncompromising on-the-water performance. Our Classics SnapBack Rapala Caps ($29.99), cozy, heavyweight fleece Classic Hoody ($64.99) and iconic Classic Logo T-Shirt ($24.99) are reliable picks for any angler.

Classic Cap


Sun protection is another subject we take seriously. Help anglers stay protected from harmful UV rays by giving them a Refraction UV Shirt ($49.95) and Neck Gaiter ($14.99).



Sunglasses are another must-have for blocking UV rays and harmful blue light. Polarized lenses also reduce water glare, helping see fishing spots or hazards to avoid during navigation. Our affordable Pro Guide ($29.95) models are the cream of the crop, but any model from our adult or children sunglasses collection makes an excellent gift for the holidays.

Pro Guide Sunglasses



Useful Fishing Gear Picks


Proper tools and equipment make fishing tasks easier. Our pliers, scissors, hook files and fillet knives are trusted by more guides, lodges and recreational anglers than any other brand.


Our Performance Tool Combo ($64.99) won’t disappoint as it includes three essentials every angler should own: open-and-ready Mag Spring Pliers; Precision Line Scissors for cutting all traditional fishing lines; and, a Floating Fish Gripper for fast landing and releasing catches without harming the angler or the fish.

Mag Spring Pliers

Line Scissors



Tournament anglers love our six-piece Lip Grip Cull Tag system ($45.99), featuring non-penetrating, fish-friendly secure clips for quick identification of fish to be released for maximum total weight. Made from heavy-duty composite material, the system features multi-coloured EVA floats with laser-etched numbers that will not wear off banging around in a livewell. Noncorrosive components ensure tags won’t rust or degrade.


Purchase the above great gift ideas at your local sporting goods store or by visiting our new, overhauled website. Happy shopping!


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