Open-Water Fisherman’s Gift Guide 2020

Open Water Fishermans Gift Guide 2020

Our fishing buyer’s guide showcases the newest and most sought-after lures, tackle, tools, apparel and accessories. If you’re shopping for an angler, you’ll find plenty of gift-giving inspiration below.


Hot, New Baits

You can’t go wrong giving an angler new lures. From innovative baits to fan favourites, here are several rock-solid picks.


Must-Have Minnowbait

Original CountDown

CountDown Elite

The original CountDown is a favourite for catching bass, trout, walleye and panfish. The next generation is here with the release of the CountDown Elite ($17.99), featuring exceptional paint finishes. Fish can’t resist the Elite’s classic Rapala wobble and fluttering action on the fall.


Prime Predator Baits

X-Rap Haku

Twitchin Rap

If the special angler on your shopping list targets northern pike, musky and other predatory gamefish, you can’t-miss with the following durable, highly detailed baits. The X-Rap Haku ($29.99) has a seductive walk-the-dog gliding action and 3R Release Rig System for incredible hook-up and landing percentages. Another great subsurface glider is the Twitchin’ Rap ($19.99), featuring the classic Rapala shad body and a responsive action that drives fish wild.

Super Shadow Rap

X-Rap Otus

On slow days, the new Super Shadow Rap 11 ($20.99) teases bites from persnickety predators. Another excellent bait is the X-Rap Otus 17 ($21.99), featuring half X-Rap construction and half soft-plastic curl tail.


Rockin’ Ripbaits

RipStop Deep

Few lures trigger strikes like jerkbaits. Topping the list is the RipStop Deep ($17.49), now available in a size 9, 3-1/2” version, and Firetiger and Live Perch finishes. This bait has a fast, ripping action, stops immediately and then slowly rises. It’s a combination fish can’t resist.

Whipper Snapper

The Whipper Snapper ($8.99) slashes and darts through the water with a tantalizing effect. And, with 3D eyes and high definition paint finishes, is it any wonder fish crush it?

Down Deep Husky Jerk

Catch deep bass, walleye and pike with the 14 Down Deep Husky Jerk ($12.99). Whether cast or trolled, this rattling, suspending jerkbait measures 5-1/2” and easily reaches 20+ feet. Now available in 12 new custom colours, perfect for the angler who has (almost) everything.


Wicked Walleye Baits

Shad Dancer

Got a walleye angler on your shopping list? In addition to the jerkbaits above, the Shad Dancer ($12.99) puts fish in their net. Its compact, shad body has an aggressive, sweeping tail action. This popular bait now comes in size 7 and dives to 14 feet.

Rap-V Blade

Walleye have never seen anything like the Rap-V Blade ($13.99). Half metal, half plastic, this versatile lure combines the benefits of a lipless crankbait and a blade bait. A must-have for any walleye fan - catches the heck out of bass, northern pike and lake trout, too.

Rippin Rap

The Rippin’ Rap ($10.49+) is just as dependable. This rattling bait now comes in four standout finishes inspired by the hottest trends in custom bait painting.


Upsized Bass Crank

BX Big Brat

The 2-3/4” BX Big Brat ($15.49) is one of the hottest baits for bass. This modified-squarebill has a balsa wood core encased in a rugged copolymer shell for incredible durability. Lifelike swimming action and large profile make this bait a winner.


Terrific Topwaters

Skitter V

Fish can’t help but be curious about the surface commotion from a walking Skitter V ($15.99+). This topwater is now available in a Pure Chrome finish and a 5-1/4” version.

13 Fishing Spin Walker

13 Fishing The Navigator

The Spin Walker ($23.99) will give your favourite angler an advantage the next time fish are surface feeding. This walking bait has a unique metal prop and clacker, which provides enticing noice and vibration. The Navigator ($8.99) is a more traditional dog-walker, featuring a detailed finish and powerful, multi rattles.


X-Rap Prop


The X-Rap Prop ($20.99) is another proven topwater. This long-casting lure now comes in Black Chrome Orange and Florida Gold. Whether ripped aggressively, pulled at a moderate pace or twitched slowly, the X-Rap Prop coaxes bites when it counts.

13 Fishing Poppy McPop Face

The Poppy McPop Face ($8.99) has a loud, precise action great for fishing around cover or open water. The weight-transfer system boosts casting distance. Peacock feather tail adds flare and effect to trigger strikes.


Sensational Swimmers


13 Fishing Glidesdale

Swimbaits have become mainstays for bass, pike and walleye anglers. Ideal for trophy hunters is the 13 Fishing Glidesdale ($23.99). This bait has a big profile, high definition finishes and a seductive swimming action.


VMC Hybrid Swimbait Jig


Storm Largo Shad

13 Fishing Pleasure Shad

360GT Searchbait Shad

A more compact but still convincing swimbait pairing is a 3/16- to 1/2-ounce VMC Hybrid Swimbait Jig ($6.49) rigged with either a Largo Shad ($7.99) or a Pleasure Shad ($8.49). The pre-rigged 360GT Searchbait ($6.99) and Searchbait Shad ($7.99+) also produce big catches.


Bold Blades

Super Minnow Vibrax

The long-casting Super Minnow Vibrax ($8.99) is a mouthwatering morsel for rainbow trout, brown trout, smallmouth and largemouth bass, and panfish. Its #3 spinner and body create a natural baitfish profile coupled with alluring flash and vibration.

Blue Fox Classic Vibrax

Cut from the same cloth is the Classic Vibrax ($6.49+). This tried-and-true inline spinner now comes in Candyback colour combinations in the smaller sizes.


Fantastic Flashers and Flies

Coyote Cyclone Flasher

Jensen Flash Fly

Salmon and trout anglers are having incredible days on the water trolling the fully rotating Coyote Cyclone Flasher ($25.99+). Its wide, rolling elliptical pattern produces incredible fish-attracting flash while adding motion to the presentation. Boosting appeal is the centre “Cyclone” blade, which spins independently for extra vibration and flash. Complete the trolling gift-pack with a some lake trolls and the highly versatile, realistic Jensen Flash Fly ($10.99).


Fan Favourite Baits

Rapala Original Floating

Rapala Shad Rap

Rapala Ultra-Light Shad

Rapala Deep Tail Dancer

Rapala Husky Jerk

In addition to the latest lures above, don’t overlook Rapala’s most consistent baits. A few recommendations include the Original Floating ($11.49+), Shad Rap ($12.99+), Ultra-Light Shad ($10.99+), Deep Tail Dancer ($18.49+) and Husky Jerk ($9.99+)


Must-Have Rigs, Jigs and Terminal Tackle


No-Fail Neko Hook

VMC Finesse Neko Hook

13 Fishing Vertigo Minnow

13 Fishing My Name's Jeff

Tungsten Drop Shot Ball Weights

The Finesse Neko Hook ($7.99) delivers phenomenal hook penetration and fish-holding power. Its adjustable fluorocarbon keeper secures soft-baits for a flawless presentation. The Finesse Neko excels for drop-shotting. For this presentation we suggest the Vertigo Minnow or My Name's Jeff plastics along with Tungsten Drop Shot Ball Weights ($8.99+).


For The Tinkerer

VMC Bladed Hybrid Treble

Anglers who customize lures will put the Bladed Hybrid Treble ($9.49) to good use. These one-of-a-kind hooks have a resin sealed swivel and blade, which adds extra flash and vibration to any bait. Great for customizing crankbaits, jerkbaits, Jigging Raps, spoons and more.


Twitchin’ For Salmon, Trout and Steelhead

VMC Twitchin Jig

The Twitchin’ Jig ($6.49+) is perfect for a variety of jigging, swimming, twitching and popping techniques. Originally for Pacific North West techniques, these jigs are catching salmon, trout and steelhead across the country, not to mention giant bass and walleye.


A Premium Jig

VMC Sleek Jig


The Sleek Jig ($9.49+) is all about precision and efficiency, traits serious walleye, bass and other anglers demand. The weight forward, tear drop head adds stability, balance and enhanced control. Its technical locking curve maximizes hook sets and keeps fish pinned. Comes in 10 colour options, including UV finishes that reflect more light energy.


In-Demand Bass Rigs

VMC Heavy Duty Flippin Tokyo Rig

VMC Heavy Duty Worm Tokyo Rig

Tokyo-rigging is a new, effective bass technique. The new Heavy Duty Flippin’ ($7.99) and Heavy Duty Worm ($5.99) rigs give more options for rigging a variety of soft plastics.


Fantastic Fishing Line

Sufix Advance Monofilament

Advance Monofilament ($15.99+) has taken the fishing world by storm and now comes in high-vis Neon Lime. This subtle line has low memory, excellent knot strength and superior abrasion resistance. It fishes more like braid than a traditional mono.

Sufix Advance Fluorocarbon

Advance Fluorocarbon ($38.99+) is easy handling and abrasion resistant. This super-sensitive line is virtually invisible underwater, making it a natural choice for clear-water anglers.


Must-Have Tools and Accessories

Lip Grip Cull Tags

Tournament anglers are raving about the 6-piece Lip Grip Cull Tags ($46.99). These non-penetrating, fish friendly clips securely hold fish. Each is numbered and colour coded, making it easy to keep track of the catch.

Retractable Lanyard

The Retractable Lanyard ($23.99) is a handy gadget that easily connects to pliers, line cutters and other accessories. Also great for any angler are the Magnetic Release Clip ($18.99).

13 Fishing Skull Cap Casting Reel Cover

Baitcast reel fans will appreciate the Skull Cap Casting Reel Cover ($17.95). This high-impact, durable rubber cover snaps over the reel while it’s on the rod, protecting it from dings, dirt and grime.

Rapala Fish n Fillet

Heavy Duty Electric Fillet Knife

The Fish ’n Fillet Series ($26.99+) will deliver years of dependable use. With over 100 million of these knives sold, rest assured it’s a no-fail gift. Looking for another option? The Heavy Duty Electric Fillet Knife ($104.99) has twice the blade speed and three times the power of standard electric fillet knives. Designed with a comfortable grip for fatigue-free filleting.


13 Fishing Rods, Reels, and Combos

13 Fishing Inception SZ

Considering a rod, reel or rod/reel combo as a gift? There are plenty of great models to choose from 13 Fishing. From baitcasters featuring cutting-edge, super-smooth Zero Corrosion polymer CZB Bearings to rods crafted with high-grade graphite and cutting-edge technology, has gear for anglers of all skill levels. This exclusive 13 Fishing Rod and Reel Gear Guide offers suggestions on where to start.


Gotta-Have Fishing Apparel

No matter the piece of Rapala apparel, you can have confidence it will be comfortable, stylish and functional in the boat, around town or lounging on the couch.

Rapala Heavyweight Fleece Classic Hoody

The Flexfit Classic Mesh Back Caps or Vertical Caps ($32.99) are great gifts. Ditto for the ultra-cozy, heavyweight fleece Classic Hoody ($64.99+) and Standard Logo T-Shirt ($26.99).


You’ll find the above items and more great gifts at Be sure to visit during Black Friday week, starting November 27th, when we will feature gifts with purchases, lower shipping thresholds and hundreds of products with savings of up to 60%!