Father’s Day Gear Guide


For this Father’s Day, get dad what he really wants - more fishing gear! If your favourite father has the angling bug, he will certainly appreciate some new fishing lures, fishing line, and other accessories and apparel to help him catch more and bigger fish. Below are several can’t-miss gift ideas organized by budget category. And, to make gift giving even easier on your wallet, we’re running a Father’s Day Buy More, Save More event. Spend $50 and save 10%; spend $100 and save 20%; spend $150 and save 30%, or spend $200+ and save 35%. Plus, you get free shipping and a cap when you spend $100 or more.


Under $20 Gifts



Rap-V Blade


Rapala Rap-V Blade

The Rap-V Blade ($13.99) is our most versatile lure ever. It can catch any type of fish in any type of conditions at any depth. Troll it, snap it, grind it, rip it, jig it, the list goes on. Awesome in open-water and just as great when ice fishing. Dad will love the Rap-V Blade.


X-Rap Otus


X-Rap Peto

Downsized X-Rap Otus and X-Rap Peto

If Dad wants to catch big pike, muskies, and other predator fish, he needs the new 6-3/4” (17cm) X-Rap Otus ($19.99) and 5-1/2” (14cm) X-Rap Peto ($19.99) hybrid baits. The Otus and Peto come in highly-detailed, fish-catching colour patterns, feature rugged, X-Rap construction, and produce an irresistible body roll and soft-tail kicking action.


Storm 360GT SearchBait


360GT Searchbaits

The 360GT Searchbait series ($6.49 to $7.49) is designed to be fished anywhere by anglers of all skill levels. These baits have a natural swimming action fish can’t refuse. Available in 2-1/2” (6.3 cm) to 5-1/2” (14 cm) sizes, there are sizes perfect for helping your Dad catch panfish, bass, walleye, pike, and more.


BX Big Brat


BX Big Brat

The 2-3/4” (7cm) BX Big Brat ($15.49) will please any paternal bass fan. This modified-squarebill crankbait has a balsa wood inner core with an armour coating of rugged copolymer for superior toughness and lifelike swimming action.


Terminator Shudder Bait


Terminator Shuddering Bait

Help Dad enjoy some incredible bass, walleye, and pike fishing by giving him a Terminator Shuddering Bait ($10.49). The Shuddering Bait’s unique, custom designed swimming lip creates an erratic, hard pounding, sweeping action far superior to other bladed swim jigs. Make no mistake, this is a big-fish bait.


VMC Tokyo Rig


Tokyo Rig Flippin’

Do Dad’s fishing stories involve punching and flipping for bass in slop, pads, heavy weeds, and wood? If so, he’ll appreciate the design and unique fish-catching action of VMC’s Tokyo Rig Heavy Duty Flippin’ set-up ($7.49). The wire shaft is customizable with his favourite weight(s) and/or bead combinations, while the 3/0, 4/0, and 5/0 flipping hook options pair nicely with an array of bass soft plastic options.


RipStop Deep


RipStop Deep

The RipStop Deep ($16.99) is a precision-tuned jerkbait that’s sure to be a winner this Father’s Day. The RipStop’s hard-plastic boot tail creates a fast-ripping, flashing, swimbait motion with a hard-stopping action on the pause that’s unlike any other jerkbait on the market. Highly versatile, the RipStop Deep can be fished various ways and catches all species of gamefish.


Shad Dancer


Shad Dancer

Looking for a great walleye lure for Dad? The new 07 size Shad Dancer ($12.49) is a sure bet. This 2-3/4” (7cm) balsa bait swims with a silent, aggressive, hard-thumping sweeping tail action ‘eyes can’t resist. Running depth is between 9 and 14 feet. Equally deadly cast or trolled.


VMC Sleek Jig


VMC Sleek Jig Heads

Every anglers needs jigs, and the new Sleek Jig Heads ($8.99 to $10.49) are leaps and bounds beyond a generic, round, lead jig. Sleek Jig Heads have a 1X strong, long-shank with a technical locking curve for superior hook sets and holding power. The Sleek Jig Head’s weight-forward, teardrop design delivers enhanced stability and balance, while 3D holographic eyes help trigger bites.


13 Fishing Soft Plastics


13 Fishing Soft Plastics

Every angler needs soft plastics and 13 Fishing’s soft baits are the cream of the crop. The collection includes lizards, craws, creatures, worms, swimbaits, minnows, and more. Vist for more information and look for them at select Canadian retailers.


Sufix Advance Mono


Sufix Advance Monofilament Fishing Line

Is Dad a monofilament man? Then be sure to give him some Sufix Advance Monofilament ($15.49), the most abrasion resistant, supple, and sensitive monofilament ever manufactured. With 50 percent lower stretch than standard mono, Sufix Advance Monofilament offers exceptional lure control, ultimate bite detection, and firm hook setting power.


$20 to $50 Gifts



Sufix Advance Fluorocarbon


Sufix Advance Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

Help Dad reel in the big one every time by getting him Sufix Advance Fluorocarbon ($37.99 and up) fishing line. Developed with Gel Phase Technology™, Sufix Advance line is incredibly tough, offers superior knot strength, and has exceptional abrasion resistance, while remaining extremely supple and sensitive in order to feel the lightest bite.


Rapala Caps


Rapala Caps

Our stylish, comfortable, Flexfit caps make a great Father’s Day gift. This season’s latest designs are decorated with the Rapala logo in either Red or Black Classic Mesh Back Caps ($29.99) or Grey and Black Vertical Caps ($29.99).


Rapala Basic Tee


Rapala Standard Logo T-Shirt

Decorated with a silk-screened logo, the Rapala Standard Logo T-Shirt ($24.99) is sure to be a favourite for Dad. Its 100% polyester construction will keep him comfortable all day when he’s fishing and wherever else life takes him.


Rapala Sunglasses


Rapala Sunglasses

This season, don’t let Dad be without a pair of quality Sunglasses (starting at $21.99). Polarized lenses reduce water glare, helping him see fishing hotspots. Our lenses also offer protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Available in a variety of stylish, comfortable frames built with fishermen in mind, there’s a great fit for every father.


FNF Super Flex


Rapala Fish ‘n Fillet Superflex Knife

Ready for shore lunch? After Dad comes back with the catch, make sure he fillets them to perfection with a Rapala Fish ‘n Fillet Superflex Knife ($30.99). Crafted by Marttiini, the makers of premium Rapala fillet knives for more than 50 years, the Superflex knife features an incredible, extra-thin blade that allows the greatest flexibility and control ever. The razor-sharp hand-ground stainless steel blade features through tang construction and is securely anchored into a reinforced, hand-rubbed and baked-birch handle. Comes with a genuine leather sheath. For most anglers, the 6-in. knife is the perfect size.


$50+ Gifts



Rapala Classic Hoody


Heavy Weight Classic Hoody

With Dad’s new fishing gear, he’s going to be spending long hours on the water. Make sure he stays warm and comfortable with a genuine Rapala Heavy Weight Classic Hoody. Available in pullover ($59.99) and zippered styles ($64.99), these premium sweatshirts have full fleece interior for the ultimate in comfort without being too heavy.


R-Type Rods


R-Type Rods

Is Dad the sensitive type? And, by that we mean a man who demands a responsive, balanced, comfortable rod for his fishing adventures? Well, great news, Dad will love our redesigned R-Type spinning and casting rods ($199.99). We’ve shaved nearly 5/8 ounces out of every R-Type rod by increasing the exposed split grip and removing handle length, creating the ultimate “minimalist” reel handle. R-Type rods feature durable, quality, high modulus MH-45 graphite construction and lightweight, durable components for superior sensitivity and exceptional performance.


Kaos Spinning Reels


Kaos Spinning Reels

If you’re looking for incredible value and performance in a Father’s Day gift, the Kaos Series of spinning reels (104.99 to $109.99) cannot be beat. Featuring a lightweight, durable body, Kaos reels have 8 ball bearings, precision gears, and a long cast spool. Get the performance the pros demand, at a price everyone will like.


R-Type Baitcast Reels


R-Type Baitcast Reels

If Dad is a fan of baitcast reels he’ll love the redesigned R-Type baitcaster ($239.99). This latest generation delivers the proven performance of our R-Type series, but with even more great features, plus improved ergonomics for better comfort and control.


Performance Tool Combo


Performance Tool Combo

Dad is sure to appreciate the Performance Tool Combo ($64.99) of three essentials tools every angler should own. The Mag Spring Pliers feature an ingenious patent pending “Mag-Spring” system that keeps pliers open and ready. The Precision Line Scissors effortlessly cut and trim micro superlines, fluorocarbon, and monofilament. Lastly, the Floating Fish Grippers make fast work of safely landing and releasing your catch.


Rapala Digital Scale


50 lb. High Contrast Digital Scale

Treat Dad to some new tech this season with the 50 lb. High Contrast Digital Scale ($64.99). This feature-loaded scale has a reverse image, LCD illuminated screen, which makes reading the light text on dark background easy, even on bright, sunny days. Intuitive directional pad operation and menu options, eight storage locations, memory back up, and a fish friendly gripper are just a few of its many useful features. Runs on two AAA batteries (not included).