Ice Fisherman’s Gift Guide 2020


Ice fishing and the holiday season are around the corner. Rapala and Rapala Respected Brands have everything needed to gear-up for ice fishing, including lures, line, rods, reels, and accessories, along with the latest ice drills and flotation ice suits. If you’re looking for some gift-giving inspiration, you can’t-miss with the gear below.


Lure Stocking Stuffers / Gifts Under $20


Rap-V Blade

Rap-V Blade

Part metal, part plastic, the Rap-V Blade ($13.99) is perfect for jigging walleye, northern pike, lake trout and more. Tight vibrations on the lift combined with a loud BB rattle system attract fish and its sizeable profile big bites.


New VMC Spoon Colours

VMC Ice Spoons

Crowd pleasers for years, the Rocker Spoon, Flash Champ Spoon, Tingler Spoon, Tumbler Spoon and Rattle Spoon ($4.89+) are now available in Glow Fire Tiger, Glow Hot Perch and Glow Tiger. These long-lasting colours are perfect for stained water, during low-light conditions and when fishing deep.


Flash Bang Spoon

13 Fishing Flash Bang Spoon

The Flash Bang ($11.45) has a tumbling action and loud, brass rattle chamber. But, its integrated glowstick is what separates this spoon from the herd. The stick delivers up to 8 hours of glow and is available in red, green or blue. No more having to recharge your other glow baits with this new vertical presentation!


Tungsten Mustache Jig

VMC Tungsten Mustache Jig

Panfish anglers need the Tungsten Mustache Jig ($9.49). With the juicy allure of a fresh egg sack and thin, opposing, tapered appendages, this precision-balanced jig is like candy to fish. Comes in six proven colours with Ultra Glow pigments for a long, bright shine.


Panfish Jig and Plastic Pairings

13 Fishing Panfish Plastics

VMC Panfish Jigs

A finesse plastic on a tungsten jig consistently catches giant crappie, yellow perch, bluegills and more. The B.A.M.F, Bernie, Coconut Crap and other 13 Fishing scent-infused, finesse plastics ($4.95) are durable, feature ultra-fine detail and have amazing actions. Pair plastics with the VMC Tear Drop, Pug Bug or Waxy jigs ($3.79-$4.49) for a never-fail, finesse presentation.


Advance Ice Monofilament

Mono is a mainstay for ice anglers and Advance Ice Monofilament ($7.99) is the best choice. Advanced Ice touts 50% lower stretch compared to standard mono, is extremely sensitive and has unbeatable knot strength. Its low memory means less coils and better line management. Water-repellent protection minimizes ice build-up. Available in Clear and high-vis Neon Lime in 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8-pound test.


Fan Favourites

Beyond the newcomers above, here are other lures that consistently catch fish in winter across the globe: Rapala Jigging Rap, Jigging Shad Rap, Rippin’ Rap and Slab Rap; VMC Cast Champ and Tungsten Chandelier Jig; Storm 360GT Searchbait; and, Blue Fox Lil’ Foxee Jigging Minnow.


Awesome Outerwear That Floats

StrikeMaster Pro Suit

The ultimate in cold-weather gear are the men’s Pro Jacket ($464.99) and Pro Bibs ($464.99), and woman’s Allie Jacket ($389.99) and Allie Bibs ($389.99). These garments feature StrikeMaster’s SOS (Stay on Surface) Flotation Technology, which provides two hours of flotation when the jacket and bibs are worn as a pair. Jackets feature a zip-out Puff Jacket, durable, waterproof outer shell, superior 3M insulation, many pockets and premium YKK zippers. Warm and dry is comfortable when on the ice so don’t cut corners when looking at this important piece.


Great Gloves

StrikeMaster Gloves

Equally gift-worthy are the Heavy-Weight ($94.99), Mid-Weight ($69.99) and Light-Weight ($69.99) gloves, a trio for varying temperatures and dexterity needs. Gloves deliver full-hand immersion protection, so anglers can dunk their paws to land fish without fear of wet, cold fingers.


More Apparel Options

Rapala Classic Heavy Weight Hoody

Who doesn’t like comfortable, stylish angling swag? Sure to please is a Classic Logo Hoody. Available in pullover ($64.99) or zip style ($69.99), these heavy fleece sweaters are as functional and comforting on the ice as when lounging on the couch. A toque ($22.99+) is another great pick.


Tools and Accessories


Camera Panner

Rapala Camera Panner

The new Rapala Folding Camera Panner ($23.99) makes using an underwater camera easier than ever. Simple to operate, the centre-lock wheel secures the camera cable into the side cut-outs and allows for 360-degree rotation. With a 17” diameter, the Panner fits over any drilled hole. Folding arms keep it compact during storage.


Pliers and Cutters

Mag Spring Pliers

Stainless Steel Forceps

The “open and ready” design of the Mag Spring Pliers ($40.99+) are glove-friendly and great for ice fishing. For removing small hooks from panfish and trout, Stainless Steel Forceps ($27.99) are the perfect tool.


Pinch Tool Combo

Fisherman’s SuperLine Scissors

The Pinch Tool Combo ($20.99) is fantastic for anglers who travel light. Ultra compact, the included lanyard easily holds the light, line clipper and jig eye paint buster. Let’s not forget every angler has to cut fishing line when tying on a bait. The Fisherman’s SuperLine Scissors ($8.49) are a popular choice for the task.


Mega Scoop

The Mega Scoop

The Mega Scoop ($26.99) does away with slushy holes in seconds without awkwardly needing to kneel or hunch over thanks to its long, 34” handle and super-sized scoop. Measurement markers on the scoop’s shaft help check ice thickness and fish length.


Fillet Knives


Rapala Fish Pro Fillet Knife

The 6” Fish Pro Fillet Knife ($29.99) is a welcomed addition to anyone’s fish-cleaning collection. Extremely comfortable in the hand and featuring a full-tang blade, it’s a pleasure to use. Visit for more fillet knife options, including electric models.


Ice Rods, Reels and Combos

Black Betty FreeFall inline reel

A quality ice rod, reel or combo is a foolproof gift. Earlier we posted a blog of 13 Fishing’s best ice fishing offerings. Here is a recap.


Walleye and Whitefish - The Microtech Walleye Combo ($54.95) is a great package. Durable without compromising sensitivity, this series is designed specifically for walleye tactics but is equally suitable for whitefish. The Rapala Flatstick Combo ($49.99) is another reliable performer and has a super sensitive Reflex-Tip for detecting light bites.

Microtech Walleye Combo

Rapala Flatstick Ice Combo

Panfish - The new Black Betty FreeFall Stealth Inline Combo ($184.95) features the ultra-sensitive Tickle Stick paired with a left-handed Black Betty FreeFall inline reel. The creme of the crop combo for finesse anglers.

Black Betty Freefall Stealth Inline Combo

Big Predators - Anglers chasing lake trout, northern pike and trophy walleye can expect reliable performance from medium-heavy and heavy power rods in the Wicked ($34.95), Omen ($74.95) and Widow Maker ($109.95+) collections.

13 Fishing Wicked Ice Rod


13 Fishing Omen Ice Rods


13 Fishing Widow Maker Ice Rods

Finesse Rod - Every ice angler needs a quality finesse rod for teasing bites from uncooperative fish. This is where a Tickle Stick ($69.95) shines. Available in super-ultra light to medium-light options.

13 Fishing Tickle Stick

Ice Reels - If you’ve got a hard-core ice angler on your shopping list, the Black Betty FreeFall TrickShop Edition ($209.95) is the ultimate inline reel, complete with awesome eye-catching, cosmetics. For a more affordable option, we recommend the BlackBetty XL ($164.95), BlackBetty FreeFall Ghost ($114.95) or Creed K ($74.95) for a traditional spinning reel.

Black Betty FreeFall TrickShop Edition

Combo Locker - Winter is hard on gear. The Rapala Ice Series Ice Combo Locker ($34.99) protects rods and reels from damage and keeps gear organized.

Rapala Ice Rod Locker

StrikeMaster Ice Drills

StrikeMaster Lithium 24V

StrikeMaster, the leader in ice augers, is the preferred choice of professional ice anglers and guides. The new Lithium 24v 6” and 8” ice augers ($539.99 & $569.99) are incredible pieces of technology. Weighing a mere 13.3- and 14.3-pounds, respectively, these drills are workhorses. The 6” model, for instance, drills 100 holes through 16” of ice on a single charge.

StrikeMaster Lithium 40V

Equally impressive is the 24v’s big brother, the more powerful Lithium 40v ($859.99 & $889.99). On a single charge, an 8” model cuts 100 holes through 16” of ice; the 10” chews 70 holes.



Rapala Sherpa Ice Shelter

The 2-person and 3-person pop-up Sherpa Shelters ($379.99+) set-up and pack-up fast. These durable shelters feature rugged 300 Denier fabric, heavy-duty tubular frames and other premium components. Shoulder carry bag included.


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