Father’s Day Gear Guide


Whether Dad’s new to fishing or an experienced angler, here’s a list of gifts sure to put a smile on his face this Father’s Day.


Under $20 Gift Ideas


Shallow Crankbaits

The OG Tiny ($15.49), OG Slim ($15.49), BX Mid Brat ($15.49) and Jabber Jaw ($12.99) are some of today’s hottest crankbaits. Get Dad some of these crankbaits and he’ll have a blast catching bass, walleye and other fish from the shallows.



Deeper Divers

For Dads who like deep cranking, the Jabber Jaw Deep ($13.99), DT08 ($12.99) and Original Deep Wiggle Wart ($10.49) are perfect additions for his tackle collection.



Jigging Lures

The new 2” Rap-V Blade ($13.99+) is a versatile sinking lure suited for many casting and vertical jigging techniques. Part bladebait, part rattling, lipless crankbait, there’s nothing like the Rap-V on the market.



The Jigging Shadow Rap ($10.49) is another popular new arrival. Fish can’t resist its slow fall and belly-flashing action.



Ned Rig Jig

Get Dad some Ned Rig Jigs ($6.99) if he likes finesse fishing. Featuring a conical keeper that locks soft-baits in place along with a 1X strong VMC hybrid wider gap hook, these jigs mean business.



Walleye Jigs

Jigs make great gifts for walleye anglers and several new VMC additions are sure to please. The Hardball Jig ($4.79+) boasts the ultimate roundhead design and is perfect for live-bait and soft-plastics.



The floating Hover Jig ($7.49) is made for walking, egg and other live-bait rigging. The buoyant Hover Jig keeps the bait off the floor and its upward hook point maintains the perfect position for hooking walleye in the roof of the mouth.



Bucktail Jigs ($5.99+) are another walleye tackle mainstay and VMC’s collection now has more colours, including Purple Albino and Shad, along with 1/16, 1/2, 3/4 and 1 ounce sizes.



Trout, Steelhead And Salmon Stuff

The Coyote Cyclone Flasher ($25.99+) make a great Father’s Day gift for big-water trollers. Its wide, rolling elliptical pattern adds action to any presentation, with vibration and flash boosted from the independently spinning centre “Cyclone” blade. Great when paired with the new Jensen Flash Fly ($11.49).



Designed originally for Pacific Northwest techniques, Twitchin’ Jigs ($6.49+) readily catch salmon, trout and steelhead. They’re also proving deadly for bass and walleye.



Same Great Baits, Now In New Colours

Bass anglers are raving about the OG Slim’s ($15.49) five colour additions, including Classic Craw, Copper Green Shad and Coosa Special. Get Dad some before they’re sold out for the season.



Rippin’ Raps, Shad Raps and Jigging Raps are proven reliable lures for catching bass, walleye, pike, trout and more. They’re now available in several funky colours inspired by custom-paint jobs.



Skitter V's now comes in several bone colours as well as Clear, Pale, Olive and Ghost Clear. This terrific topwater is a great choice for Dads who like catching bass and pike.



The Classic Vibrax ($6.99+) — a multi-species workhorse and one of the best lures for catching fish from shallow water. Not sure which lure to get Dad? Well, here’s your answer! This premium spinner now comes in several bright Northern Lights colours.



For The Lure Tinkerer

The Crossover Cap ($5.49) easily slides onto a hook and is designed for quickly attaching a VMC Spring Keeper ($5.49) Rolling Swivel ($3.49) and other “tricks” to favourite lures.



Help Dad hook more short-biting fish by giving him some of the new Bladed Hybrid Quik Strike Trailer Hooks ($11.99+), Quik Strike Trailer Treble and Techset Trailer hooks ($5.49+) — all of which feature the Crossover Cap and a fast snap connector.



Replacing a standard hook with a Bladed Hybrid Treble Short ($11.49) boosts the strike-triggering flash and vibrations of crankbaits, Jigging Raps and other lures. Hook sizes now extend from size 2 to 12 trebles.



Lure & Hook Alternatives

If lure shopping isn’t your cup of tea, a moisture-wicking Sufix, VMC, 13 Fishing or Rapala Neck Gaiter ($14.99) is an inexpensive but essential sun-protection item any angler will be happy to receive.



Every angler needs at least one Rapala Fish Towel ($4.99). Made of 80% polyester with a carabiner clip, they’re easy to keep within reach and great for keeping hands and tools clean from dirt, slime and anything else one might encounter on the water.



Fresh Line For The Win

Shopping for the environmentally responsible angler? Recycline Monofilament ($11.49+) is a subtle, mono great for casting and trolling applications. Dad will love that this ground-breaking line is made from 100% Econyl, regenerated nylon made of recycled fishing waste, such as fishing nets and old fishing line.



If Dad prefers braid, ProMix ($18.99) is sure to be a hit. This premium, low-stretch braided line improves presentations, sensitivity and hook-sets. A Colourfast injection process keeps ProMix Braid’s lo-vis green looking like new for twice as long as other braided lines.



Advance Fluorocarbon Leader ($13.99+) is abrasion-resistant and virtually invisible underwater, making it perfect for pairing with ProMix, 832 Advanced Superline and other superlines. A few spools spanning 6- to 20-pound test will serve Dad well for panfish, walleye, bass and trout.



More Gifts That’ll Make Him Smile

Help Dad put his angling passion on display with some exclusive Rapala and 13 Fishing branded gifts for Father’s Day. The Multi-Biteamin Can Koozie ($4.99), Pick Any Lake Playing Cards ($8.99) and various Decals ($2.79+) are perfect for the house, cottage, Man Cave and hunt camp.



$20 to $50 Gift Ideas


Head Gear

Quality hats are always awesome gifts for anglers and you can’t-miss with the new 13 Fishing’s new Beer Fridge Ballcap ($29.99) and G Money Trucker Hat ($29.99).



Stellar Shirts

You can’t go wrong giving Dad a comfortable, stylish fishing shirt, like the Rapala Standard Logo T-Shirt ($24.99) and the 13 Fishing Mr. McShirt Lifestyle Tee ($24.99).



You can also help him stay sun-safe, cool and comfortable by giving him a 100% polyester Core Long Sleeve ($33.99), which provides UPF 30 UV sun protection and excellent moisture-wicking performance. Available in vivid blue or grey.



Post-Plunge Perfection

After a refreshing dip off the boat, at a beach or in a backyard pool, Dad will love the plush comfort of the Fish Whisperer Beach Towel ($29.99).



Camp Mug

His cup of morning coffee will stay hot longer in the 18/8 stainless steel thermal Camp Mug ($29.99) with a clear push-on lid with swivel closure. Its double wall and copper vacuum insulation also keeps cold drinks refreshingly chilled for hours. Comes with a gift box.



Terrific Tools

Rapala’s Tool Combos ($23.99+) take the guesswork out of gift giving. With 15 options available, it’s easy to find the best bundle of items (e.g., scissors, clippers, pliers, fillet knife, etc.) for the fisherman on your shopping list.



Crossover Pliers ($21.99) are the latest must-have gadget for bass anglers. The tool makes it easy to put a Crossover Ring ($7.49) on a worm or other finesse bait, which increases the durability of wacky and neko rigs so more fish can be caught with the same plastic.



Sunglasses Are Essentials

Rapala’s comfortable, stylish polarized sunglasses ($22.99+) filter glare off the water, making it easier for Dad to see what’s beneath the lake’s surface and find the best fishing spots, while simultaneously protecting eyes from harmful UVA and UVB rays.



Always A Sharp Choice

Keep Dad’s fish cleaning running smoothly by giving him a new Rapala fillet knife. The Fish ’N Fillet Superflex Knife ($32.99+) and Fish ’N Fillet Knives ($27.99+) are two reliable options from Rapala’s lineup of world-class fillet knifes.



$50+ Gift Ideas


Performance Hoodies

The grey camo Rapala Performance Hoodie ($69.99) and 13 Fishing Noire Performance Hoodie ($69.99) will keep Dad cool, comfortable and protected from the sun when the temperature soars. These moisture-wicking long sleeves deliver UPF 50+ UV sun protection.



Another top pick is the Rapala Performance Hoodie With Neck Gaiter ($69.99). Along with a built-in gaiter, this technical shirt has underarm mesh for better ventilation and superior hot-weather comfort.



Hooded Sweatshirts

When the weather is cool, Dad will welcome the warmth and comfort of a Rapala Hooded Sweatshirt ($79.99) or a 13 Fishing Tuxedo Hoody ($79.99), featuring premium materials, a full fleece interior and kangaroo front pouch.



The Perfect Kit For The Job

Whether Dad is fishing for bass, walleye or perch, every angler needs trustworthy tools. The Performance Tool Combo ($74.99) is everything they need to get the job done!



Get Him A New Rod And Reel — Or Both

The blazingly bright green Radioactive Pickle and Radioactive Orange spinning and casting combos ($209.99+) are sure to please Dads who expect nothing but the best from their fishing equipment and don’t mind standing out among the crowd.




Looking for a versatile rod Dad can use for catching walleye, bass, pike, trout, and more? Look no further than the Blackout 7’1” medium spinning and 7’3” medium-heavy casting rods ($94.99).



Omen Gold spinning rods ($154.99) are light, sensitive and a solid choice when shopping for walleye and smallmouth bass enthusiasts.



The Origin F1, O1 and R1 reels ($89.99+) are great picks if Dad’s in need of a new baitcaster. Origins feature many of 13 Fishing’s top-tier technologies, including a Fastback Frame Design, Arrowhead Line Guide and Magnet Control System bridge.



If a spinning reel’s more his style, the Kalon A, O “Blackout” and C reels ($89.99+) are all gift-worthy options. Each model offers reliable, smooth performance as a result of the Slide Drag and Glide Oscillation systems, CNC Cut Drive Gears and Instant-Stop anti-reverse.



Foul Weather Gear

Protect Dad from rain, waves, wind and boat spray by giving him quality, waterproof rainwear. Topping the list of feature-loaded outerwear options are the Rapala Rain Jacket ($249.99) and Bibs ($249.99) as well as the Pro Rain Jacket ($329.99) and Bibs ($329.99).