13 Fishing’s New Rods, Reels And Combos


Continuing to expand the boundaries of rod and reel design, engineering and materials, 13 Fishing releases several new products for the season. Here’s a quick overview of the latest rods, reels and combos worth adding to your collection.


New Rods

The Omen Gold spinning series ($154.99) is a cross-over collection of refined and reliable 36-ton graphite spinning rods tailor-made for fishing a spectrum of walleye and smallmouth bass presentations.



The 7’6” and 8’6” telescopic Omen Gold Trolling rods ($154.99) feature high-quality composite blanks and moderate tapers — just what you want when pulling spinner rigs, crankbaits, spoons and bottom bouncers for walleye.



Crafted with 46-ton graphite, cork, split-grip handles and Evolve Soft Touch, Seamless reel seats, Envy Black rods ($354.99+) are light, responsive and have tapers tuned for fishing jerkbaits, crankbaits, frogs, drop-shot rigs, finesse jigs and other popular techniques. Highly toted as the elite level rod series in the 13 Fishing lineup. Note: the 7’9” Envy Black Cranking model’s 30-ton T-Glass blank has a soft tips and moderate taper, making it the quintessential rod for mid- and deep-diving crankbaits.



The light and sensitive Blackout 7’1” medium spinning and 7’3” medium-heavy casting rods ($94.99) boast unique features like the skeleton reel seat. They are a versatile duo capable of fishing a range of techniques, and deliver incredible performance for the price.



Take your yellow perch, crappie and sunfish tactics up a notch with the sensitive, responsive, 36-ton graphite Omen Panfish/Trout rods ($129.99+), available in 5’6” ultra-light and 6’9” and 7’ light spinning models. Many of our most experienced Canadian panfish anglers stand by this rod as the best panfish rod they have ever fished.



Turn heads and set more hooks with the Radioactive Pickle and Radioactive Orange rods ($124.99), available in 1- and 2-piece spinning and casting configurations featuring PVG36T blank construction, with Evolve Soft Touch Air Foil Carbon grip and reel seats for incredible feel. Want less pizzazz? Fate V3 rods offer all of the above performance-driven features in a white aesthetic.




Revamped Omen Black Gen III rods ($154.99) are light, sensitive and come in lengths, actions and powers suitable for a range of popular techniques, leaving no question why they’re one of 13 Fishing’s best-selling rod series.



Got travel plans? Check out the Fate Quest 4-piece spinning and casting rods ($114.99), built with 30-ton HTC 3 Low Resin Blank construction, Evolve Seamless reel seats, and Evolve tangle-free guides (travel case included).



The widely recognized Fate Black ($99.99) series is lighter than ever thanks to PVG30T blank construction, Evolve Soft Touch ported reel seat and custom-wrapped stainless steel Alconite guides — unchanged are the custom-tuned tapers and stellar performance the series is known for.



Taking inspiration from 13 Fishing’s elite-level rods, the Defy Black Gen II series ($74.99) is a performance- and value-driven rod lineup of PVG24T constructed blanks tapered to deliver the optimal presentation and best fighting ability possible.



Assembled using PVG24T graphite, Evolve Custom reel seats and high density EVA handles, Defy Saltwater spinning rods ($149.99) are a durable, affordable collection of 7’2” to 10’10” rods ready to stand up to saltwater giants.



New Reels

Origin F1, O1 and R1 baitcasters ($89.99+) bridge the gap between affordability and high-performance, and feature many of 13 Fishing’s upper-tier reel technologies, including a Fastback Frame Design, Arrowhead Line Guide and Magnet Control System.



Kalon A, O “Blackout” and C spinning reels ($89.99+) are available in six sizes per model (500 to 5000) and deliver dependable, smooth performance thanks to Slide Drag and Glide Oscillation systems, CNC Cut Drive Gears and Instant-Stop anti-reverse.



Radioactive Pickle and Radioactive Orange reels are distinct in colour, but otherwise have similar builds. Spinning models ($94.99) include the silky Glide Oscillation System, durable and precise Z Cast Drive Gear, 14-pound max drag and Instant Stop anti-reverse. Left- and right-handed Modus Radioactive baitcasters ($139.99) have 6-Way centrifugal braking, 22-pound Bull Dog drag, Integrated KeepR Hook Keeper, 7 Bearing system and Instant Stop anti-reverse.




New Combos

Bold and a pleasure to hold, the Radioactive Pickle and Radioactive Orange combos ($209.99+) bundle capable, quality rods with battle-ready reels manufactured for smooth operation, excellent casting and line performance, and unfailing control.




Whether you’re looking for entry-level gear, tournament-worthy equipment or something in between, 13 Fishing’s new rods, reels and combos have you covered. The above new releases offer reliable performance, excellent ergonomics, sleek cosmetics and incredible value.