13 Fishing’s New Blackout Rod & Reels


Behold! 13 Fishing’s new Blackout rods and reels have arrived. Offering incredible performance at an amazing value, Blackout models are bursting with innovative technologies and quality components, and stylized with sleek charcoal and onyx cosmetics. Here’s a closer look at this exciting new series and why these rods and reels are worth having in your collection.


Blackout Rods

Mission oriented from the start, the Blackout 7’1” spinning and 7’3” casting rods are light, agile, sensitive and durable. These versatile rods feature universal, fast actions, making them a tactical twosome perfect for landing leviathans with many of today’s popular fishing techniques. Displaying a laundry list of 13 Fishing’s rod building innovations, Blackout rods are built with a PVG 24 ton graphite blank, an Evolve Skeleton reel seat, a Japanese EVA split grip handle, stainless steel guides and an Evolve Snagless hook keeper.




The 7’1” medium Blackout spinning rod is tailor-made for various bass and walleye techniques. Its soft tip easily flings finesse presentations, like a Ned rig or a Hard Ball Jig tipped with a minnow, yet it packs plenty of backbone for when you need it. With a 3/16 to 5/8 ounce lure rating, it’s a great fit for Neko rigs, wacky rigs, tubes, light football jigs and VMC Bucktail Jigs, to name just a few other options.


The 7’3” medium-heavy, fast Blackout casting rod is made for fishing 3/8- to 1-ounce presentations. You’ll love this rod if you fish 360GTs, Pleasure Shads, Churros and other swimbaits for bass, walleye, pike and lake trout. Want to snap football jigs, make precise casts with a Terminator Frog, bottom-drag a Texas-rigged stickbait/worm, flip a Tokyo Rig around weeds or cast spoons? The 7’3” Blackout casting rod has you covered for all these techniques and more.


Kalon O Blackout

The Kalon O Blackout spinning reel is the perfect companion for the 7’1” Blackout rod, yet also pairs well with 13 Fishing’s other spinning sticks. Stylized with similar aesthetics, there’s a lot more to this coal-coloured reel than its killer looks. The Kalon is suitable for a range of fishing tactics, spanning finesse presentations with light line to aggressive, power-spin tactics like snapping Jigging Raps. The Kalon O provides smooth operation and reliable performance as a result of its Precision CNC Cut Z Cast Drive Gear, Glide Oscillation System, instant anti-reverse and multi-disk lightweight drag.



Origin O1 Blackout

This tournament-ready, value-driven baitcaster matches incredibly well with its 7’3” medium-heavy counterpart, plus 13 Fishing’s other casting rod models. One standout of the Origin O1 Blackout is its dial-controlled, user-friendly adjustable magnetic control braking system. Located on the outside of the reel, it allows for quick, easy adjustments for better casting distance and preventing overruns. Its Arrowhead Casting System is another innovative feature, which feeds out line extremely fast for effortless, long-distance casts.



The Origin O1 Blackout’s sleek, ultra-low profile Fastback Frame design ensures an extremely comfortable grip when palming the reel. Built battle-ready, it has an 18-pound composite material drag system, five bearings and Instant Stop anti-reverse. Reels have 7.3:1 gear ratios and come in both right- and left-hand retrieves.


Tip: Cast confidently and land more fish by spooling the Kalon O or Origin O1 with any of the premier lines from Sufix. Top recommendations include: 832 Advanced Superline, 131 Braid, ProMix Braid, Advance Fluorocarbon and Advance Monofilament.


Constructed with quality components and 13 Fishing’s innovative technologies, the Blackout rod and reel lineup are value-driven, high-performance products with stunning charcoal and onyx stylings. Pair them together and you have a no-nonsense twosome capable of fishing a wide range of presentations for bass, walleye, pike, lake trout and more.