Father’s Day Gear Guide

Father’s Day Gear Guide


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Looking for fishing gift ideas for Dad? Below are our top picks for Father’s Day, with gift options for experienced anglers to those just starting to enjoy fishing.


Under $20 Gifts


Reliable, Revamped Fish-Catchers


CountDown Elite


The CountDown Elite ($17.99) is built with a more durable, modern construction for maximum casting distance and accuracy, and features high-definition printing. The Elite version maintains the original CountDown’s potent controlled, slow sinking, fluttering action that catches brook trout, rainbows, lakers, brown trout, pacific salmon, bass and walleye.


Bluefox Classic Vibrax


The Classic Vibrax ($6.49+) is another reliable multi-species lure, now available in new colours. Easy to fish, the Vibrax has a patented two-part body, which emits vibrations to attract fish and trigger strikes while virtually eliminating line twist.


VMC Moontail Jig


It’s hard to go wrong fishing a jig for walleye and bass. The cream of the crop when it comes to hand-tied bucktails is the new Moontail Jig ($8.99). Two per pack. Dad will love them.


Bass Hard-Baits


OG Slim


The OG Slim ($15.49) is the brainchild of professional angler, Ott DeFoe. This flat-sided, balsa bait has a tight, side-to-side action with a moderate wobble that’s irresistible to bass.


Jabber Jaw


The Jabber Jaw’s ($12.99) unique chattering bill makes it unlike any other crankbait. The bill sits inside a full-metal jowl and bangs side to side on the retrieve, creating a roaring resonance. Bass have never heard anything like it before.


RipStop Deep


The RipStop Deep ($14.99+) jerkbait slashes and flashes, then stops on a dime thanks to its hard-plastic boot tail. This sudden change, from evasive to vulnerable, fires-up bass. Two models available with running depths of 6 to 8 feet.


Pro Series Spinnerbaits


Pro Series Spinnerbaits ($11.49) produce amplified vibrations and heaps of flash thanks to premium blades and components, and a strong, fine wire. The perfect tool for covering water, attracting fish and triggering strikes.


Sensational Soft-Baits


Largo Shad


Get Dad some new swimbaits and he’ll catch bass, walleye, pike, lake trout and more. The new Largo Shad ($7.99) delivers a swimming, thumping tail kick and a tempting, slow body roll. The 3” or 4” Largo Shads pair well on a Hybrid Swimbait Jig Head ($6.49).


360GT Searchbait


The 360GT Searchbait series ($6.99+) are other reliable, swimbaits. Sizes span 2-1/2” to 5-1/2”. Baits feature upscale designs, finishes and exclusive 3D holographic eyes. Searchbaits are available pre-rigged on lifelike jig heads.


Pleasure Shad


Another option is assembling a collection of soft plastics for Dad. Good choices for bass are the Pleasure Shad ($8.49) swimbait, Joy Stick ($7.99) soft jerkbait, Wobble Craw ($7.99), Big Squirm ($8.49) large worm presentation and Vertigo Minnow ($8.49) drop-shot bait.


A New Bait For Big Predators


Twitchin' Rap


If Dad casts for northern pike, muskie and lake trout, he’ll be happy to unwrap the Twitchin’ Rap ($19.99). This responsive glide bait’s wide profile and sliding action drives big fish wild.


Fresh Line Guaranteed To Please


Is the line on Dad’s reel a little worse for wear? If so, he’ll appreciate unwrapping some fresh Sufix line.


ProMix Braid


ProMix Braid ($18.99+) will have him casting farther and feeling more bites. This low-stretch, durable line lasts for years. A colour injection process makes ProMix maintain its colour twice as long as other braids.


Advance Monofilament


If Dad’s a monofilament man, get him some Advance Monofilament ($15.49). This line has 50 percent less stretch than standard mono, resulting in exceptional lure control, ultimate bite detection and firm hook setting power. Highly abrasion resistant, too, without sacrificing suppleness.


Casting Reel Cover


Skull Cap Reel Guard


The Skull Cap Reel Guard ($17.95) protects casting reels from dings, dirt and grime. The cover easily snaps into place around the rod, fitting over either left- or right-handed reels. Available in four colours.


$20 to $50 Gifts


Stylish Caps


Rapala Caps


Our Flexfit caps make great gifts. They’re comfortable, feature the Rapala logo and come in stylish designs, including Red or Black Classic Mesh Back Caps ($29.99), Grey and Black Vertical Caps ($29.99), and Rapala Lures Retro and Camo Big Rig Caps ($32.99).


Performance Fishing Tee


Rapala Standard Logo T-Shirt


Designed with anglers in mind, the Rapala Standard Logo T-Shirt ($26.99) has 100% polyester construction for ongoing comfort on and off the water. Features a high quality, silk-screened Rapala logo.


Superior Fishing Shades


Rapala sunglasses


Every angler deserves high caliber polarized sunglasses. Rapala’s polarized lenses filter water glare, helping to see underwater and find fishing spots. Rapala sunglasses ($22.99+) also deliver protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays.


Wacky and Neko Rigging Pliers


VMC Crossover Pliers


The new Crossover Pliers ($21.99) are perfect for bass anglers. These innovative pliers make quick work of putting a Crossover Ring ($7.49) over a worm or other finesse bait. The ring increases the durability of a wacky or neko rig. This will let Dad catch more bass using the same plastic. Round-out the gift with the Neko Rigging and Wacky Rigging kits ($17.49), along with some plastics, like the Bubble Butt ($8.49), Blunt Force Finesse ($8.49) and Joy Stick ($7.99).


Another Predator Pick


Super Shadow Rap


The Super Shadow Rap 11 ($20.99) is another great choice for pike, muskie, big lake trout and other big fish. Its patent pending action triggers fish in three ways: on the kick, on a slow fading fall and on the snap back to life.


Blade Upgrade?


Fish Pro Fillet Knife


One of angling’s pleasures is sharing a meal of freshly caught fish with family and friends. If Dad’s in need of a new tool for fish cleaning, the 6” Fish Pro Fillet Knife ($29.95) is a great choice. It has a hand ground Japanese steel blade, is perfectly balanced and has a comfortable grip. For a more traditional look and feel, the Fish ’N Fillet Knives ($26.99+) won’t disappoint and come in four blade lengths.


$50+ Gifts


Back-Light, Digital Line Counter


Digital Line Counter


The new Digital Line Counter ($59.99) will let Dad present his lure with precision and catch more fish when trolling. The tool is also easy to use when casting or spooling line. The Digital Line Counter fits baitcast and spinning rods of all rod lengths. A depth alarm sounds when the desired line distance is reached and a quick-release line guide disengages the line from the counter when a fish is hooked.


Weigh ‘Em


High Contrast Digital Scale


Dad will appreciate the 50 lb. High Contrast Digital Scale ($64.99). It has a reverse image, LCD illuminated screen that’s easy to read, even in bright sun. Other features include an intuitive directional pad operation and menu options, eight storage locations, memory back up and a fish friendly gripper. Runs on two AAA batteries (not included).


Hard To Go Wrong With A Hoody


Rapala Heavy Weight Classic Hoody


Anglers and hoodies go together like fish and water. The genuine Rapala Heavy Weight Classic Hoody comes in pullover ($64.99) or zippered styles ($69.99). Crafted with a full fleece interior, these premium sweatshirts are warm and comfortable without feeling overly heavy.


Rod And Reel Options


Omen Black Rods


Odds are Dad could do with another rod or reel. Perhaps one of each? Omen Black Rods ($154.95) pack incredible performance and quality components into the third generation release of this popular rod series. The Fate Black Rods ($99.99) are also revamped. Now lighter, they deliver an improved overall feel and come in custom-tuned tapers.


Concept Z Slide


If Dad’s a fan of premium products and low-profile baitcast reels, the new Concept Z Slide ($419.95) will blow his mind. Featuring an innovative Slide cast control system, The Concept Z is designed for easy, on-the-fly tension adjustments for non-stop, flawless casting performance.

Gen II Concept A2


The Gen II Concept A2 ($274.95) is another great choice. This tough, capable reel has an ultra-low, palm-fitting design, precision brass gearing and a low-friction, braking system.


Creed Series Spinning Reels


Want to get Dad a spinning reel? Look no further than the smooth, reliable Creed series. Available in several models, starting at $74.95.


The Ultimate Electric Fillet Knife Combo


R12 Heavy-Duty Lithium Fillet Knife Combo

The R12 Heavy-Duty Lithium Fillet Knife Combo ($264.99) will bring a smile to Dad’s face. This premium product delivers 80 minutes of continuous runtime with no reduction in power or speed. It’s twice as fast with three times the torque of standard electric fillet knives. The combo comes with 6” and 7-1/2” PTFE coated blades, two lithium ion battery backs, charging base and EVA storage case.


Awesome Rain Gear

Rapala Rain Suit

Quality, waterproof outerwear is essential for staying dry and comfortable when fishing, which is why we designed the new Rapala Rain Jacket ($249.99) and Bibs ($249.99). Featuring advanced technology and comfort features, along with upgraded waterproof and breathable components, these jacket and bibs deliver incredible performance in extreme conditions.

Rapala Pro Rain Suit

For the ultimate in waterproofing, wind protection, durability and comfort, give Dad the Pro Rain Jacket ($329.99) and Bibs ($329.99). These feature-loaded garments boast 3-layer construction, a strong, nylon ripstop shell and more.


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