Ismete Ice Fishing Basics

When winter weather gives you ice, go Ismete. But what is Ismete?

Filmed just outside of the small Finnish town of Porvoo, Rapala Pro Guide, Tero Ruoho, talks us through one of his preferred ways of setting up Ismete (passive ice fishing with dead baits) equipment for pike.

Watch as Tero uses the battery powered StrikeMaster Lithium 40V Powerhead to quickly cut a fishing hole through the ice. Fast, easy, little noise and no need for fuel!

Tero removes the slush from the hole effortlessly with one scoop from the Mega Scoop Retractable. It is a foldable tool that is just the right length - bending down is not needed, and you can quickly clear a 10 inch hole, ready for fishing.

Security is top-priority when moving on ice. Notice that Tero always wears his Pro Guide Ice Claws, providing a cheap life insurance; but they are also a quick tool for helping to adjust the dead bait’s buoyancy. Watch the video to learn this trick!

Other necessary tools are an indicator and a rod holder, and of course a rod and a reel. Our recommended choice is the Fathom Vertical Ice Combo, which is ideal for this form of Ismete fishing. It includes both a heavy-action rod and a low-profile reel.

Being a responsible angler, Tero uses his Ismete Combo Bag as a handling mat after landing a pike. It helps by insulating the fish against the freezing ice. The same bag doubles as a storage and carry bag fitting as long as 145 cm rods (or pike), and all other essential items.

Watch the video to learn how to set up your own Ismete set and try this on your own!