Thanks to improvements in lithium battery technology and electric motor power and torque, lithium augers have become the preferred choice for modern ice anglers looking for a reliable, fast and quiet drill. Below is a rundown of why electric augers are a cut above gas and propane powered models.

Electric drills are dependable

Reliability is an important characteristic in an ice auger. Being stranded in the middle of a lake unable to fish because of a temperamental drill is frustrating.
Gas-mix problems, gummed up carburetors, start-cord malfunctions and engine complications due to extreme cold are non-issues with StrikeMaster’s Lithium 40v Auger. It literally starts at the press of a button.

Drilling is easy with lithium power and electric motor technology. Pull the safety switch, press the power button and watch the dual Lazer Blades shred ice.

The proprietary 40-volt, 5-amp hour lithium-ion battery is always ready and a battery management system ensures maximum longevity. The 8” version drills 100 holes in 16” of ice on a single charge.
Pro Tip: If planning to use the battery multiple times in a single outing, it’s ideal to remove the battery and place in a warm location, such as inside your truck, inside jacket pocket or insulated carrying bag. This is especially important during frigid weather.

Electric power is clean

The Lithium 40v and other electric drills have no emissions. Without harmful fumes, they’re perfect for drilling in permanent ice huts or wheel houses. Going electric also means no messy fuel or oil leaks. Electric motors are also economical compared to gas or propane versions. There’s no need to buy fuel, fuel stabilizer, oil or spark plugs, and no engine maintenance.

Pro Tip: Spare Lithium 40v batteries are available and useful when drilling a lot of holes in thick ice conditions.

Lithium power and electric motors quickly cut ice

We’ve blogged before about how efficient angling practices translate into catching more fish. A fast cutting auger checks this box. Less time drilling means more time fishing.

Lithium 40v

The Lithium 40v is loaded with fast-cutting features, drilling holes up to 40% faster than other electric drills. Its electric DC brushless motor and planetary gear system provide, constant speed, torque and power to the twin serrated stainless steel Lazer Blades that slice through ice like warm butter.

Remember, with electric motors there’s no priming, no choke adjustments and no warm-up period. Eliminating these steps cuts down on overall drilling time.

Tip: Our Lazer Blades are designed to cut and the 40v powerhead provides enough downward pressure for smooth, fast drilling. Hard, downward pressure isn’t required like with chipper-style bladed augers.

Electric augers are powerful but lightweight

Tipping the scales at 24-pounds for an 8” drill and 27-pounds for the 10” model, the Lithium 40v won’t restrict anglers with excess weight like gas or propane augers, typically weighing 32- to 35-pounds.

Looking for an even lighter drill? Pair our new 6” or 8” Lite-Flite Lazer Drill with a professional quality 18v (or higher) brushless hand-held cordless electric 1/2” chuck drill for the ultimate in ice-chewing power in a package less than 10-pounds.

Electric augers are quiet

Without a noisy gas or propane engine, electric augers are as quiet as a hand auger. Quiet drilling avoids spooking fish and keeping stealthy means you’re less likely to give away your secret spot.

The Lithium 40v has many other useful features

Like cutting-edge electric vehicles loaded with smart features, our Lithium 40v has heaps of user-friendly, functional characteristics. Here are a few.

  • Forward/Reverse button quickly flushes slush to clear a hole or back-out of a problem
  • Deadman safety switch delivers increased security
  • Two sets of LED work lights illuminate the drilling area
  • Four LED battery status indicator
  • Rugged power head with impact-resistant handles
  • Two-amp battery charger (included) recharges a depleted battery in 2.5 hours

With the arrival of lithium batteries and advanced electric motor technology, electric ice augers are the preferred choice of tournament pros, guides and weekend warriors. Whether investing in your first powered ice drill or upgrading from a gas or propane model, going electric with a Lithium 40v or a Lite-Flight Lazer Drill paired with a professional quality 18v (or higher) brushless, cordless 1/2” chuck drill will deliver reliable, clean, fast and quiet drilling all winter, season after season.