13 Fishing’s New & Noteworthy Ice Combos, Rods and Reels


Walleye, lake trout, panfish, pike - whatever fish you aim to catch this hard-water season, 13 Fishing’s ice combos, rods and reels have got you covered. Here’s a rundown of new and noteworthy products guaranteed to elevate your ice-fishing game.


Spinning Reel Combos



Wicked Ice Hornet Combos ($119.99) are lightweight and range from a 27” ultra-light to a 32” mag-medium, giving anglers plenty of options for panfish, walleye, pike, trout and more. Combos rest comfortably in the hand thanks to the contoured Evolve Traction Control Grip and Soft Touch Reel Seat. The sensitive, high-modulus graphite rods have crisp actions and deliver ample backbone for unfailing hook-sets. Spinning reels have instant anti-reverse and 6 ball bearings for smooth, reliable performance.



Blackout Ice Combos ($59.99) are reliable, sensitive set-ups with awesome cosmetics at an incredible price. Fibreglass blanks deliver the durability one expects from the material, yet buck the stereotype of glass rods with such responsive performance, you’d swear its high-end graphite. The Evolve Skeleton Reel Seat provides a comfortable grip and is designed to limit material for better vibration transfer. Rounding out the package are the dependable, 2 ball bearing spinning reel. Built with a light graphite body and rotor, the reel’s instant anti-reverse improves control and won’t give a fish an inch when you set the hook.



Anglers seeking under-$40 spinning ice combos will find the SoniCor Stealth Edition ($36.99) and the Heatwave ($29.99) reliable choices.


Inline Reel Combos



Fate V3 Inline Ice Combos ($174.99) are perfect for yellow perch, crappie, bluegills, trout, walleye and more. the ultra-light, light and medium rods are all 27” and are paired with a Black Betty FreeFall Ghost in either right- or left-hand retrieve.


Fate V3 Flat Tip Ice Rods are crafted using 13 Fishing’s Parallel Composite Construction (PC2), which orients fibres linearly for a completely flat, sensitive tip. This innovative design significantly increases an angler’s ability to detect “up” and “down” strikes. It also improves rigidity for better power transfer and solid hook-sets. Included are four Reel Anchor Wraps for securing the reel to the rod’s comfortable, EVA handle.


Like other Black Betty inline reels, the FreeFall Ghost is loaded with ice-fishing features. For instance, one finger is all it takes to pull the FreeFall Trigger and put the reel in free spool, which is tuned with the glove-friendly drop speed control knob. Releasing the trigger immediately engages anti-reverse, stopping the fall. The precision this provides when lowering a bait into the strike zone is guaranteed to get you more bites.



Featuring Black Betty Ghost reels and ultra-sensitive, flat-tipped Tickle Stick rods, the revamped Radioactive Pickle Combos ($184.99) share many strengths of Fate V3 combos, but come in several alternative rod specifications with streamlined, screw-in style Evolve reel seats. For instance, there is a 25” ultra-light combo (left- or right-retrieve) as well as light, medium and medium-heavy 27” rod combos (left-hand reels only).



Omen Black + FreeFall XL Ice Combos ($219.99) are for taming big walleye, lake trout and other predators. The powerful, XL has a 9.9-pound max drag, a 3.0:1 gear ratio, plus all the other great features of the BlackBetty series. Exclusive to the XL is the Magnetic Drop Speed System, which combined with the FreeFall Trigger, gives anglers the ultimate control over their presentation. The 28” medium and 36” medium-heavy, 36-ton graphite Omen Black rods round out the package, providing the ideal mix of strength and sensitivity, along with oversized guides to reduce freeze-up.


Ice Rods

The revamped Widow Maker Series ($104.95+) come in a variety of technique-specific and multi-purpose models. These lightweight, sensitive ice rods, feature strong, smooth ALPS thin-wire, double diamond-coated guides, high-density EVA grips and perform better than many rods fetching over double the price. Here are just a few highlights from this comprehensive series.



Widow Maker Tennessee Handle rods have 36-ton, solid Toray graphite blanks and are perfect for pounding jigs and snapping Jigging Raps and VMC spoons for crappie, perch, walleye, whitefish and more. Rods span from a 24” ultra-light to a 28” medium.



Equally exquisite are the Tennessee Handle Flat Tip rods, featuring PC2 technology and bright green, high-vis tips. The 27” light is wonderfully versatile and an excellent choice for perch and crappie, as well as finesse walleye and whitefish presentations.



The 32” Widow Maker Noodle is a formidable weapon in the hands of a panfish angler. Its graphite blank delivers power where it’s needed, while the high-vis, ultra-sensitive noodle tip provides the strike-detection and cushioning one expects from a premium noodle rod.



The 28” medium and 32” medium-light Window Maker Deadstick rods check all the boxes for soaking live-bait for walleye, trout, whitefish, perch and crappie. Its high-vis tip bends easily under the slightest pressure to signal a strike. The high-performance, composite blank has ample backbone for quality hook-sets and getting your prize topside. Long, EVA split-grip handle and Evolve reel seat allow for various rod holder set-ups and provide a comfortable grip when fighting fish.



The 32” medium and 34” medium-heavy Widow Makers with Evolve reel seats are the big guns of the series and excellent for battling lakers, walleye and pike. These responsive, 36-ton graphite rods are awesome to jig with in either a pencil or overhand grip thanks to the contoured, Evolve Soft Touch handle design.



Omen Black ice rods ($74.99) come in various lengths and powers suitable for everything from panfish to pike. These high-modulus graphite rods are built with Evolve ported reel seats and comfortable, premium cork handles. The eight split-grip models range from a 30” ultralight to a 42” heavy, and feature a comfort contour for the forefinger when using a pencil-style grip. Full-grip rods include a 24” ultra-light or a 26” medium-light. Last, but not least, are the 32” medium and medium-heavy casting handle models, which come with a trigger-grip, plus all power and performance features needed to tame big predators.



Anglers wanting an under-$40 ice rod will find reliable performance from the durable yet sensitive Wicked ($34.99), Infrared ($29.99) and Vital ($19.99) fibreglass ice rods.


Ice Reels

Showcasing exceptional craftsmanship, Kalon 0.5 size spinning reels are excellent for ice fishing. This reel size has slightly larger dimensions and more spool capacity than other “micro” ice reels, making them as excellent for ice-fishing as open-water panfish and trout scenarios.



The flagship Kalon C ($119.99) is exceptionally smooth thanks to its machine-cut, precision gearing, 7 ball bearings and S-Drive system. Instant anti-reverse eliminates unwanted reel play and the multi-disk, lightweight, drag system delivers a butter-smooth payout you can depend on.



The Kalon O “Blackout” ($104.99) is a strong, dependable workhorse, featuring a powerful, precision-cut drive gear, a 6-bearing system, instant anti-reverse and a multi-disk drag system. It’s an incredible value for the price and pairs perfectly with Blackout rods.



The Kalon A ($89.99) is another reliable choice. Its precision gearing, multi-disk drag and bearing supported oscillation system - to name just a few features - keep this reel running as smooth as silk throughout extended uses.



BlackBetty FreeFall Carbon Edition ($154.99) inline reels are crafted with Airfoil Carbon made exclusively for 13 Fishing. This lightweight material is 100% corrosion proof, incredibly strong and has very low torque, making it perfect for fishing reels because it ensures components stay aligned for maximum performance. Anodizing the spool gives this reel a distinct look, but the standard list of show-stopping BlackBetty features remain unchanged.



As mentioned in the Ice Combo section, the BlackBetty FreeFall XL ($164.99) packs the precision and performance anglers expect from this legendary inline reel series, but in a powerful, supersized version capable of taming big lake trout, pike, walleye and whitefish. The 9.9-pound max drag is a key feature, but the XL isn’t all brawn. The new Core Balanced Magnetic Drop Speed System allows for incremental adjustments, giving this reel the versatility of fishing small, light ice baits for slab crappie, jumbo perch and walleye up to large, heavier baits for predators.



Other reels worth considering are the Wicked spinning ($54.99) and the Descent ($49.99) inline. Those interested in an under-$40 reel will get good results from the Heatwave ($21.99).


Tip: Don’t Forget Fishing Line



For subtle, dependable performance in sub-zero conditions, you can’t go wrong with Advance Ice Monofilament, InvisiLine Ice Fluorocarbon and 832 Advanced Ice Braid(3 colours available).


Whether you’re just starting to enjoy the thrill of ice-fishing, an intermediate angler or an advanced hard-water enthusiast, 13 Fishing has the ice combos, rods and reels for any hard-water adventure. Visit today for these items as well as lures, line, tools, accessories and apparel to be ready for the ice-fishing season when it arrives. And, while you’re there, be sure to enter the Rapala Win Your Wishlist Sweepstakes.