13 Fishing Ice Rod & Reel Buyer’s Guide

13 Fishing Ice rod and reel guide


A leader in ice-fishing equipment, 13 Fishing has an array of quality rods, reels and combos for every hard-water angler. This round-up of products divides into good, better and best categories, making it easy to choose the best hard-water gear to meet your needs.


Ice Fishing Reels

A quality reel with a smooth drag is a must for ice fishing. The 13 Fishing inline reels are the preferred choice of serious ice anglers, with left- and right-hand models available. For those favouring a spinning reel, we’ve got you covered, too.


Good – Creed K Spinning Reels ($74.95)

The Creed K performs as great in winter as it does in warm conditions. This affordable spinning reel is great for those new to ice fishing. The oversized bail is easy to open and close, even when wearing gloves, and the smooth drag keeps you in control when fighting a fish. Pair a 1000 size with a light to medium power rod for walleye, whitefish, yellow perch, crappie and other mid-range species. Use 2000 or 3000 reels with medium-heavy and heavy rods for lake trout, northern pike and other big predators.

Creed K Spinning Reels


Better – Black Betty FreeFall Ghost Inline Reel ($109.95)

The Black Betty inline reel gives anglers the ultimate in bait control, superior line management and fishing efficiency. Its FreeFall trigger makes dropping and stopping a bait as easy as moving your index finger. Light and comfortable, its durable graphite frame resists ice-up, keeping you fishing all day without muscle fatigue or cold-weather performance issues. Perfect for panfish as well as walleye. Check out the “Why You Need An Inline Reel” blog for more info on Inline vs Spinning reels.


Best – NEW Black Betty FreeFall XL Inline Reel ($164.95)

Want an inline reel for battling lake trout, northern pike, walleye and other big fish? Check out the new Black Betty FreeFall XL. Precision tuned, this reel can fish extremely small, light ice baits all the way up to heavy lures. The FreeFall trigger gives the ultimate in bait control, and its smooth, carbon drag system easily tames big, powerful fish. Check out the “Why You Need An Inline Reel” blog for more info on Inline vs Spinning reels.

Black Betty FreeFall XL


Another High-End Mention

Anglers needing the ultimate, feature-loaded inline reel with standout cosmetics will love the limited Black Betty FreeFall TrickShop Edition ($209.95). Perfect for intermediate and advanced ice warriors.


Black Betty FreeFall TrickShop Edition


Ice Fishing Rods

Having a well-balanced, sensitive rod is critical for properly presenting a bait, triggering a fish to bite and detecting the strike. These fundamentals, along with durability and dollar value, are built into every 13 Fishing ice rod.


Good – Wicked Rod ($34.95)

Wicked rods are well suited for beginner and intermediate anglers. These dependable, quality ice rods are constructed with a solid blank and a comfortable reel seat, making them impressively sensitive and responsive for their price.


Wicked Ice Rod


Better – Tickle Stick Rod ($69.95)

With ultralight to medium rod powers, Tickle Sticks are popular with panfish, stocked trout and walleye anglers. The Tickle Stick’s high-vis, flat tip serves as the ultimate in visual strike detection. Flat tip construction also adds rigidity for superior hook sets without sacrificing sensitivity. And, naturally, Tickle Sticks are well balanced and outfitted with a comfortable grip.


Tickle Stick


Best – NEW Omen Ice Rod ($89.95)

The new Omen Ice rods span ultra-light to heavy models. Their responsive, crisp blanks are perfect for dancing small ice baits or jigging larger lures, depending on the model used. Compact, comfortable handles keep you in control and transmit vibrations exceptionally well. This is the perfect rod for the angler looking for top performance in the hardwater category.


Omen Ice Rod


Other High-End Mentions

The 13 Fishing ArchAngel ($219.95+) is in a category of its own. The rod blank and handle are carbon forged into one, continuous piece, creating off-the-charts sensitivity and vibration transmission. High-vis, flat tip delivers visual strike detection and perfect power transfer on a hook set. Available in ultra-light to medium actions, the series is great for panfish, walleye and trout.




The Widow Maker Series ($109.95-$139.95) consists of various technique-specific ice rods. Walleye deadsticks, long, hole-hopping rods and four trout models are a sampling of what’s available. This series is for the angler that will settle for nothing but the best.


Widow Maker Ice Rods


Ice Fishing Combos

Buying a rod and reel combo makes it easy to get a reliable set-up, while saving some money by bundling products. Here are three worth considering.


Good – Microtech Walleye Combo ($54.95)

Beginner to intermediate anglers will put plenty of fish on the ice using the durable, affordable Microtech Walleye Combo. The solid fibreglass blank is tough but plenty sensitive to detect light bites. Available in three handle styles specifically designed for walleye applications. Don’t let the name fool you though. This lineup of combos is still great for multi-species and a go-to for many hardwater anglers across the country.


Microtech Walleye Combo


Better – NEW Wicked Stealth Spin Combo ($119.95)

The new Wicked Stealth Combo is an impressive package. These feature-loaded rods deliver incredible bait control, exceptional sensitivity and outstanding looks. Excellent for serious ice anglers preferring a spinning set-up. Like the Stealth Edition cosmetics? Check out the SociCor version for a price-point option.


Wicked Stealth Spin Combo


Best – NEW Black Betty Freefall Stealth Inline Combo ($184.95)

This 13 Fishing newcomer pairs an extremely sensitive Tickle Stick with a left-handed Black Betty FreeFall inline reel. Available in ultra-light to medium-heavy power, this series is a must for hard-core finesse anglers.


Black Betty Freefall Stealth Inline Combo


The above reels, rods and combos are just a few of 13 Fishing’s popular ice fishing products. For more options be sure to visit