Summertime BAM! Catching Bass on Terminator® Walking and Popping Frogs


What do we love the most about summertime fishing?


If you said: “Topwater blow-ups for bass,” you would be right.


It makes no difference what kind of an angler you are, whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned pro, there’s nothing more heart-stopping exciting than a big ol’ bass chomping down hard on a frog being popped, walked and skipped across the surface.




In the latest video from the Lindner’s Angling Edge, Al and James Lindner head out to a central Minnesota lake in late June for some topwater fun. The stars of the show are actually the Terminator® Walking and Popping Frogs, which drive one bass after another completely crazy.






“When the bite is right, this is the most exciting fishing of the year. The frog bite in the shallows,” said Al Lindner.


Working Terminator frogs over lily pads, cabbage, milfoil and other lake weeds, Al and James test out a number of colours to determine if it makes any difference what colour you throw.


“The frog is a great lure for heavy cover,” said Al. “Colour can make a difference. The good news is that Terminator frogs not only offer a wide variety of colours, they’re the best hooking frogs in the fishing industry – and that’s a big deal.”





There are only so many weeks in summer when largemouth bass go bonkers for frogs. Check out the latest action in the Lindner’s new frog fishing video, pick yourself up some Terminator Walking and Popping Frogs, and go make some of your own BAM!!! happen this summer.


See Terminator® Walking Frog


See Terminator® Popping Frog