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The legendary Vibrax® Spinner has laid a foundation for a vast collection of spinners from Blue Fox for today’s angling styles. Whether casting for smallies or working fast moving rivers for salmon and trout there is a Blue Fox spinner built for your fishing conditions. Premium components complimented by super sharp VMC® hooks result in unsurpassed fishing experiences.

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Start your collection with the Classic Vibrax fishing spinner, a lure that’s been perfected over time and a go-to for many spinner enthusiasts. Add some attraction with the Vibrax Foxtail, Glow or Double Spin. Target fast currents or deeper water with the Vibrax Bullet and Bullet Fly. Dominate skinny water with the Vibrax Shallow or go after that trophy catch with the Super Bou Spinnerbait. Throw out the Minnow Spin for a classic minnow profile and tight action that drive fish crazy. If you like to consistently catch fish, tie on any one of these Blue Fox fishing spinners and hang on.