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Lure Kits

7 Items

Pro-picked, Blue Fox® kits offer premium collection of spinners at an affordable price. These pro-selected sets provide anglers with a full complement of baits for their chosen prey, all for less than $10.

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Turn fish heads with the sonic vibrations of the Super Vibrax Tri-Pack. Each kit includes three 1/8 oz. lures with size 1 blades featuring pro-picked color sets. The laser holographic and painted finishes and flashing tail fibers of the Flash Series Kit will turn a curious fish into a hooked fish. Kit includes 5 lures with either size 1 or size 2 blades. The spoons in the Cast Champ Kit cast like a bullet so you can get in contact with as many fish as possible. Available in 3-packs or 5-packs. Be seen in the dark with the glow-in-the-dark skirt and Flashabou fibers of the Glow Skirt Kit. 5 per kit, with size 1 blades. Catch fish after fish with the classic tear drop spoon shape of the lures in the Strobe Spoon Kit. Tried and true, with proven patterns. Kit includes 5 lures with size 2 blades or 4 lures with size 3 blades. Attract the big one with the wider profile of the lures in the Whip Tail Kit. Comes in 5-packs of either size 0, 1, or 2 blades.