Whip Tail Kit


Whip Tail Kit
Whip Tail Kit


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Pro Picked kits offer anglers the lures they want at a real value. The whip tails tubular construction presents a wider profile while the dressed tail and polished stainless steel blade are great for attracting that big one. Extremely sharp VMC® hooks insure quick penetration and a strong resistance to bending.

  • Tubular construction for wider profile
  • Painted scale design for added contrast and attraction
  • Stainless Steel shaft VMC® Hook is extremely sharp for quick penetration and strong to resist bending
  • Dressed tail
  • Polished blade
Spec Chart
Model Blade Size Weight Pak
BFWT1K5 1 1/8 oz. 5
BFWT2K5 2 1/4 oz. 5
Model BFWT1K5
Blade Size 1
Weight 1/8 oz.
Pak 5
Model BFWT2K5
Blade Size 2
Weight 1/4 oz.
Pak 5